Top 10 SEO Mistakes & How to Fix Them.

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SEO Mistakes.

Search engine optimization or Seo is called a huge ocean of office traffic and website performance and covers lots of topics.

Therefore it’s always important to avoid SEO mistakes and not get hit by the google updates or archive top ranking for your target keywords, etc.

If any website owner, new blogger, or business person wants to archive good web page optimization and google rewards for best SEO on-page and off-page strategies then you must avoid the common SEO mistakes.

As many bloggers have mentioned that search engine optimization is difficult to learn or apply as it’s getting changes from time to time my opinion is that you do not need to become a master in SEO ranking.

Just follow some basic SEO strategy steps, along with understanding what biggest SEO mistakes need to avoid. And while doing that, you will be able to significantly increase search traffic to your website or blog.

Let’s get started with top common SEO mistakes to avoid getting better search research as we will also try to cover how to fix these SEO problems.

Common SEO Mistakes.

1. Site Speed (Slow Site Speed).

Site Spped Performace Image
Site Spped Performace Image

If your website or blog speed is less than 3 seconds to load, then it’s required that you should give the priority to optimizing your site speed.

Optimizing on-page SEO and site speed to make people access your content is a fast way.

If a website page takes too long time to load means the individual page would impact SEO rankings. Therefore you mustn’t repeat those mistakes that most bloggers do.

And start focusing to improve your site speed you can use visit Pingdom Tools or Google PageSpeed Insights to check your website speed.

If your website is running for under 3 seconds, then it’s good news, however, if not still not to worry let’s see what can we do about increasing your website speed.

How to Fix This SEO Error.

I. Select Faster & Secured Hosting:

If you are a new blogger and do not have much traffic and users, for example, you are handling 15k to 25k users monthly then Siteground hosting good be a good option.

If a website is getting more traffic or huge traffic then you can prefer the WPX hosting I have used both hosting and it’s worth it.

I started with a blog journey with Staghound Hosting and after getting a good amount of traffic I switch to WPX hosting.

However, as WPX hosting is expensive I always suggest that if bloggers have huge traffic and make good earnings out of that then only your go with WPX.

Otherwise Site ground is one of the good budget and secure hosting we have which also makes your website site faster.

II. Uncashed JavaScript & CSS Files.

If you will not uncashed the javascript and CSS files of your website then it also affects your website performance and speed.

Because it says that your browser caching is not specified in the response header. Multiple Plugging is available which easily uncashed your Java and CSS files.

III. Optimize Post Images.

When we take about best SEO on-page optimization then post images play a big role here.

Our post images bring more traffic to our sites. The audience like to see the images related to your blog topics and visual treat makes the audience happy.

There try to publish at least one image on every blog post. Not only publish images but also optimize those images before uploading them to your website.

Image optimization will automatically enhance your SEO on-page optimization rankings.

But what is the right way of Optimization:

When you have finished writing your blog post doesn’t directly upload the image first shrink the image properly.

For this, you can use WordPress plugins like Shrink it or ShortPixel or other free image optimization tools to shrink the images.

Shrink Images upload easily and take less time to upload the blog pages means you’re providing your audience a faster-loading page to read.

iV. Optimize Your Images With ALT Tags.

It’s a good blogging habit to use ALT tags in your images with your main keywords. Through this process you also bring visitors from google images search.

2. Not Installing Google Analytics Data.

Bounce Rate Analytics Data
Bounce Rate Analytics Data

We all know that Google Analytics can track traffic and user interactions across your site.

In another sense through google analytics you can check which pages are most popular, your traffic coming from which countries, track conversions, CTR, Page views, Bounce rate, etc.

Google Analytics gives us the data through which bloggers can run an effective SEO campaign and check their overall website performance.

Analytics shows SEO improvement places such as underperformance pages and good performance pages.

If any blogger might not use google analytics, then it could be a mistake to optimize pages that don’t need SEO.

Because too many underperformance pages and bounce rate of your website will be going to impact your site quality.

Always focus on good content strategy and SEO articles through creating useful content. After a few months or years, you will see the result as your traffic grows eventually.

Later you can use the analytics page to check your top 10 posts or top 15 post pages which you are required to update now.

In the same way, to make your website ranking top, you should also make the list of underperformance post pages by analytics and you can improve those pages later for better reached and organic traffic.

lets see next common seo mistakes.

3. Don’t Ignore Page Optimization.

What is On-Page Optimization

If you are doing proper keyword research for your blog post and if you are optimizing their content for selective keywords then you are following one of the best SEO blog strategies.

If not means you are doing common SEO mistakes. These SEO mistakes will not be going to get any search traffic it is a harsh truth.

An on-page optimization process is important because it’s optimizing your individual page for certain keywords it also helps to improve your website ranking in the google search engine.

For good SEO on-page optimization, you must first find the primary means main keyword and then secondary means related keywords.

Later when you start writing SEO blog posts you can use them in prominent places on your individual place.

Check out some SEO tips for proper on-page optimization.

  • Always insert your main keywords in H1 Tag.
  • Next, insert your subheadings in h2 & h3 tags for best SEO practice.
  • Put SEO-friendly keywords.
  • Keep your main keyword (Primary Keyword) in the introduction (if possible within 80 to 100 words).
  • Try to put your primary keyword at the start of your title tag.
  • Same as the title use your primary keyword in the Meta description too.
  • Another way to improve SEO is to add as many images as possible for the best visually appealing with ALT tags with keywords to optimize for search.

How to Fix These SEO Error.

Two Best Optimizations Plugins for WordPress Users.

The best part of the WordPress platform which makes him different from blogger.Com and other web development platforms is that it offers a wide range of on-page optimization plugins.

Two plugins are best for optimize your content properly and it highly recommended by the top bloggers indulging me.

  • Rank Math.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast.

SEO by Rank Math Plugin: It is new in the WordPress plugin platform but has been creating a lot of positive comments and experiences by the old bloggers.

WordPress SEO By Yoast:  One of the old and most popular SEO plugins which gets tons of positive responses around the world.

4. Duplicate Content.

Avoid Duplicate Content.
Avoid Duplicate Content.

Let’s understand this in very simple words duplicate content means, content that is simpler or identical to other content on your site.

Duplicate content is also called content that appears on the internet in more than one place.

It does not have much effect on your SEO ranking on the webpage either it won’t get you penalized. However, having duplicate content is not good as google wants to show their audience unique and high information content.

And if any blogger follows duplicate content practices, then it won’t give you the search traffic and it also hurts your website authority as a blogger or entrepreneur.

Provide your audience solid reason you come back to your blog like always right unique headline of the post, giving good credit for information, using infographics, snapshots, images, videos, etc.

How to fix this SEO Mistake.

Good content matter a lot, that’s why content is also called king so always write unique content for your blogging and SEO site.

So you can fix this SEO mistake by acknowledging that going to publish content is not repeated anywhere.

To make this work easy you can use the tools like Copyscape to find copies of your post page and second action you need to take that sooner or later and remove the duplicate content.

5. Using the old HTTP Version.


Some bloggers or website owners doing good work in the area of SEO blog articles but still going through another SEO mistake which is still using the HTTP version on your site, which is not secure.

Yes, HTTPS comes under the SEO ranking factor. Google like to enhance or push those page which has been using HTTPS not HTTP.

Many unique articles and SEO-optimized blog posts are not able to perform well just because their pages are without HTTPS as being non-secure.

And the major difficulty is that audience can see easily this difference when they click any of the postings pages its shows, not secure error pages as it’s still on HTTP.

But what is SSL and HTTPS mean SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

Securing your website is very important when it comes to sales or data details. Basically, the HTTPS version uses an SSL certificate including bank information and card details which get exchanged between your browser and the website and gets encrypted.

How to fix this SEO issue.

Install the SSL certificate to your website, many platforms provide free SSL, and most hosting providers also provide the free SSL.

So, install the SSL and switch from HTTP to HTTPS. So ideally, you have to make sure your website URLs are running on HTTPS.

Again the easy way to URL SEO mistakes is to avoid you can install the WordPress Plugin called the Really Simple SSL plugin.

Which is designed to automatically detect your setting and configure your websites to run over HTTPS.

So first install the SSL certificate and later use this plugin for the rest configuration.

6. Broken Images & Missing Alternative Texts.

All text for Seo & Images Missing.
All text for Seo & Images Missing.

Image ALT tags, HTML attributes, internal links, and external links help website search engine optimization to understand the content.

But if it’s not done properly, then it could regard as an on-page SEO problem. SEO Search engine optimization checks that your alt tag is addressed properly on not.

Broken links and broken images can happen because of improper wrong extensions used, incorrect file paths, improper filename, etc.

These issues keep your website down in SEO optimization and it also confuses the google crawlers to understand the desired keywords, etc.

The broken link also creates errors in SEO like users will see the 404 page instead of content, your quality trust, and quality goes down, and google search crawler’s issues.

How to fix broken Images and Link Related Issues.

Find the broken images and implement the alt tags in all of them, this work again going to be easier for you if you are using the WordPress platform.

Use the Semush site audit tool to find the broken links and fix all of your website’s broken links.

You can also take the help of other plugins and tools for the same.

Such as:

Broken Link Checker Plugin is a free plugin for broken links and broken images that crawls your website all pages for the same.

Screaming Frog is also a free SEO tool that crawls your entire website to find broken images and links.

7. Using Bad Seo Techniques (Black Hat SEO).

Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques.
Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques.

Many new bloggers believe to use black hat SEO-optimized blog posts to get traffic and google ranking.

But why black hat SEO techniques are wrong, because it refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies and techniques which are only dedicated to search engines, not to audiences.

Might be after black hat SEO techniques like aggressive link building, keyword stuffing, invisible links, or content farms work for a while and your website get a higher ranking but it is not user-friendly and sooner or later website will get penalized by google algorithms.

How to fix it if might you have followed Black hat SEO.

To get rid of black seo techniques you must only learn and apply white hat SEO techniques.

White hate SEO is fully focused on your target audience and its works well with a Search engine.

Your writing SEO articles will be going to work for both audiences and be properly optimized for search engines like google.

Let me share some of the popular white hat SEO techniques for you to achieve a better ranking on your site.

  • Design Proper Navigation Links.
  • Use Related Keywords or LSI Keywords.
  • Work on Website speed & performance.
  • Creating Mobile Responsive Design.
  • Give User Good Website Experience.
  • Try to create a long form of Post to get better Rankings.
  • Remove Broken Links & Broken Images.

As I have mentioned above as well removing broken links and removing toxic backlinks are equally important to improve your backlink profile.

So avoid backlink and broken Images related these seo mistakes.

8. Poor Website Structure.

Website Design & Structure.
Website Design & Structure.

When we talk about best SEO blog sites, high traffic sites then, or low traffic websites then site structure also play a big role because differently if your site structure is good then you will get high traffic.

But why site structure is important to improve where it affects our site?

First of all, if any blogger site stricture is poor then it automatically affects your search ranking.

It also affects the website user experience and crawls ability of your site.

How to fix your Poor Site Structure.

Check your website and see have organized your niche category or post category correctly, if not then organized all the categories, navigation, and menu, in a logical structure.

So that users and search engines both can find the content on your website easily.

Categories category will help to improve your SEO on-page optimization and user and search engine bots can find the type of content they are looking for.

It is also known as the SILO structure. Means basically describes the target page through many supporting pages linking up to the target page.

9. Not Implementing Keyword Research.

Many new and old bloggers struggle to get google rank and increase their search traffic because of not doing keyword research at all.

Keywords reached take time but it’s SEO best practice and great seo learning. Not doing keyword research will also hurt your website search traffic.

You do not need to go too deep into keyword research strategy knowing the basics also going to work wonders for your sites.

We have proper keyword research tools like Semrush and Ubersuggest, etc. These tools help bloggers to find and use the potential keywords on their blog posts.

Doing proper keyword research helps bloggers to achieve a dedicated audience and decent traffic from the search engine.

So start working on primary keywords to get organic traffic to your site. Come up with the 10 or 20 seed keywords and after having a list of seed keywords start using keyword researcher tools.

Such as Google keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Semrush, etc put those keywords to come up with profitable keyword ideas.

Use more and more relative keywords of your website so that you will get better keywords and long tail keywords to use in your posts for more search traffic fast.

10. Improve Length of Title tags and Meta Description.

Understanding the way of putting meta titles or title tags is important as that specifies the title of a web page.

So meta description tag is basically a summary of what the content of your post is about.

Meta Title:

So in the Meta title, you should use the primary keyword, secondary keyword, or brand name.

Note: Google has mentioned that titles that are around 600 pixels).

Meta Description:

Here meta description (optical length) length should be 50 to 160 characters. One truth is meta description does not affect SEO directly however it affects the CTR and rankings.

So ideally, it means it does not hurt directly but it does impact SEO indirectly. Now might a question comes to your mind what problems arise with meta description?

So it should be duplicate meta description tags, missing targeted keywords due to lengthy meta decryptions, or uses of alphanumeric values at your meta discretion.

How to Fix this Seo Issue.

When you’re writing any meta description of your blog post then adding clear CTAs means using your targeted keywords and making sure that your tile tags and meta description are well within the optical length.

The second tip is if you fill that over-optimize title tags will help you the ranking then it’s wrong. Don’t over-optimize your title tags with your keywords.

And if might you are using more keywords then better for you to use separate keywords.

Third try to make sure that you write your title tags and meta description are unique for all of your post pages.

Fourth and again important one that ensure that you would having URLs that are reader and search engine friendly.

I hope you will not doing all these SEO mistakes and if might you have done any of them then just fix them and make your website more reachable to your target audiences.

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