How to Promote Blog Posts: 13+ New Promotion Ideas.

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Promote Blog Posts.

Email List.

One of the oldest strategies to promote blog posts is email marketing. It’s one of the powerful blog promotion services which also used by big serious businesses.

From publishing the first post onwards start collecting the email address of your audiences. Make the email list.

Email marketing has the power to drive more traffic for your every single post. Collecting an email address not required a lot of money invested in starting at least.

Many pro bloggers still running their websites and getting tons of traffic just because they have builds the own email list.

Email blog promotion gives you the targeted audience. Gives time to build a strong relationship with your audience.

And through email marketing service you can enhance your brand awareness and product sales.

List Down your customer Email ID to stay connected.
List Down your customer Email ID to stay connected.

An email list gives you the freedom to market your blog. You can also advertise blogs for free.

In the market, we have free tools and paid tools through which you can collect the email list.

More and more emails grow your subscriber’s list. You can target those audiences whenever your article goes live.

Email marketing campaigns can accomplish the goal of your drive traffic.

Let understand in a bit deep how email marketing services can give you the benefits after publishing the post.

1. Send Emails (First Email Campaigns).

You can choose the free plugins or paid plugins for email marketing service. In the free plugin, you can only send the limned emails. Plus it does not provide as much function you will get in paid plugins.

In my starting days, I have used MailChimp. It’s an awesome email marketing software. Totally reasonable price and in starting its gives you free limited email sending options too.

MailChimp For Email Marketing & Promote Blog Posts.
MailChimp For Email Marketing & Promote Blog Posts.

Set your email marketing on weekdays. On weekdays promoting your blog posts always work best.

Set up your email strategy and planning. Make your newsletters and craft your landing page. Fix the time zone of the morning at 10 am or 10:30 am to send your article email to all subscribers. 

2. Send email of new post and product launch.

Blogger email list helps a lot when you’re promoting any products or launching any ebook for the audience.

Reaching directly to the audience email with your promotion or telling that you have published something new is the basic advantage of email marketing.

Take an example, as a newbie blogger you have to collect a 1000 target email list. After publishing the post you have to send the email to all of them.

Email marketing mail
Email marketing mail

Throughout the day 500 audients clicked on your post link. And 300 of the audiences actually took the time to read your post. Which my default going to increase your page views.

This means without social media also you are getting 300 actual interested audiences in your fresh new content instantly.

Goggle also measure how the audience is behaving with your published post. Later they rank your post according to the reader’s behavior and average time on the page.

Few point are very important while doing email marketing.

  1. A title should be eye-catching and should attract subscribers to click on the link.
  2. Create an attractive Form Builder page through which you captcha the subscriber email address.
  3. Give them the loyal reason to read your post and buy your product.
  4. Always check Analytics and reports of your email open and click rates.
  5. Give short and crispy point which help reads to understand easily.
  6. Use Automatics Tools when it’s required.

3. Retarget the Audience.

To get more blog traffic own your blog. You can retarget the audiences who missed your initial email.

You can increase your email open rate by 30% to 40% by checking the emails you have sent to your total email list.

Select the email address which has not opened up your emails and retarget them by changing the subject line based on your last email experience.

If still, the subscriber missed your email. Then you can retarget them after one week again with different subject lines.

Through this processer, you can easily grow blog traffic.

4. Email Newsletter.

Many email marketing service plugins we do have in the market. Which monitors the top blogs of your site and targets the audiences according to that.

Such as Active Campaign, Convert-Kit, Aweber tool. It creates email campaigns to send your blog post to target audiences who really looking for those kinds of posts.

ConverKit for email marketing.
ConverKit for email marketing.

You can gain free traffic for blog by adding a social media share link from your emails.

You can use the Share link Generator to write your social messages. Click to tweet is one of the famous marketing strategies we have these days.

Share Link Generator for social media marketing
Share Link Generator for social media marketing

Next, do not forget to add an email signature to your emails. Because it catches readers’ eyes and lets them feel trustier for your email links.

An email signature is easy to do use tools like WiseStamp and create your email signature. Just need to fill up your contact information photo with logo plus your blog RSS feed.

After that copy the code by WiseStamp and add to your email signature that all

Social Media.

Now we are going to see how to increase blog traffic fast through various social networking sites.

Newbies cannot waste their time waiting for organic traffic.  Because new sites or blog usually takes 6 to 8 months to get started with organic traffic.

Here question comes then how to grow blog traffic. The answer is social media platforms share your post links to social networking sites.

And let audiences know that there is a new site is available that have interesting articles to read.

Let’s jump on the list of the social media platform where you can promote your blog for getting traffic.

1. Twitter.

Get a place to generating more traffic for blogs. Twitter gives options to tag the relevant words with the hashtag to make your blog more visible to the audience.

The Twitter WordPress plugin also makes your work easy because its do auto-tweet your old blog posts.

Remember always right powerful and eye-catching headlines of your post. Searching different questions with hashtags on Twitter also gives you the idea of the popular searching hashtag words.

Twitter also gives the option to schedule your post in a different format. If you use the correct twitter strategies then you can achieve a significant result.

Avoid posting around 9 Pm and 4 AM or 12 pm to 3 pm you can post Monday to Friday.

Because the best time to post on social media matters a lot. Lots of people don’t like to check articles or affiliate-related posts at night.

Always try to post multiple contents or you can share old posts also with new ones. Do at least 10 to 15 tweets a day for the best result.

To boost blog traffic I would recommend using the right Twitter marketing technique.

2. Embed tweets within your posts.

You can also enhance your traffic generation strategies by embed tweets within your post.

Take an example you have mentioned solid 50 to 60 words of phase to explain your post topic in point to point.

Click to tweet for social media marketing
Click to tweet for social media marketing

Plus you have to add click to tweet button with that particular phase. Then when the reader reads that line and gets impressed by your writing then by just clicking the tweet button they share your post words on Twitter.

This indirectly increases your tweeting count and your brand will get famous plus you will get the few more traffic.

custom twitter feeds
custom twitter feeds

3. Facebook or Facebook ads.

Facebook blog traffic meaning is not posting anything and just imagining that you are going to get traffic. It is quick exposure but It’s not that much easy.

In my opinion and experience only share your high-quality content on your Facebook page. See the responses and slowly increase the sharing post of numbers.

Thousands of ways are available to promote your blog on Facebook.

Facebook engagements
Facebook engagements

Facebook has huge traffic potential. Sharing back-to-back post links without any strategy can harm your blog and site.

I have did this mistake in my early days. When I was new in the blogging industry and did not have much knowledge.

Then I thought sharing multiple sharing of post links on Facebook will going to drive traffic for me. Even I have shared the post link into different Facebook groups (same niche).

Few months I have received tremendous traffic. But later Facebook banned my all shared links and hide my all post.

It happens because I have used bad Facebook marketing strategies. After that experience, I worked very hard I have learned all Facebook marketing strategies.

And after learning all tricks I have able to grow my blog traffic much more.

  1. First, create your professional Facebook page.
  • It’s easy to create your professional Facebook page. Provides your content information, unique username for your page, creating learn more button to link to your website, and write the story about your blog.
  • Connect with your niche influencers to promote your post ideas with their audiences too.
  • Always try to share your content in a different format. Such as simple links, Images, Plain text, etc.
  • Appling post headline for Facebook marketing
  • Use popular and post-related hashtags.
  • Connect the niche Facebook groups to just build community not only for the promotion purpose.
  • Amazing new feature live video to get connect with your subscribers and followers (share ideas, question-answer session, video interacting). 
  • Pin your top famous post on your Facebook page to increase blog traffic.
  • The best time for a post on Facebook is 11 AM to 2 PM on weekends and 12 PM to 1 Pm Saturday Sunday.

Through Facebook Ads, you can increase your visitor count in one day. You can gain more ideas by knowing about the business Facebook marketing case studies

4. Pinterest.

How to generate traffic to blog through Pinterest. Pinterest comes in number two position who has huge potential to diving social traffic to the blog.

Especially if you have a blog regarding fashion, lifestyle, DIY, or food recipes related. Many fashion bloggers and food bloggers getting their 80% traffic through Pinterest only.

Pinterest Board for content marketing
Pinterest Board for content marketing

Pinterest is one of the best visual digital marketing platforms which drive traffic to sites. You can inspire lots of people here through your work and post. You can share your product quality image, infographics, original photos, videos to attract audiences.

  • Second, you can also use relevant hashtags and keywords with your images.
  • If you have a big site the use a professional graphic designer.
  • Pin your post on your Pinterest boards.
  • Write appealing and point to pint pin descriptions to increase clicks.
  • Mention Pinterest pin it button on your blog or website too.
  • Repin your Old blog posts.
  • Make a relationship with other pro bloggers.
  • After having followers make Pinterest group boards.

5. LinkedIn.

If you want to target traffic for the B2B blog or sites such as career, business, self-motivation. Then Linkedin is the best place to grow traffic to your blog.

Not only B2B but any professional business person can promote their blog on a LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn content marketing
LinkedIn content marketing
  1. Share your article’s major point along with the original post link or call to action button.
  2. Find the group which has question-related about your niche and through posting your article give them resolution and value.
  3. Join the group of Influencers (Niche related).
  4. Linkedin gives the best feature option to add the photo, video, document, presentation, link to show your creativity to audiences.
  5. Grow your followers by given them interesting quality posts.
  6. Publish post often rather than once in a week or month

6. Info-graphics.

Another best option to do blog promotions is infographics. We all know sharing blog post brings traffic to blog.

One of the best sharing ticks is to make impressive infographics. I have found infographics is one of the best blog promotion techniques we have in the market.

Just you need to find the best infographic submission sites and later use the sites like Slideshare, Piktochart, Pinterest to submit them.

People like images and study shows that post with an impressive image gets more clicks as compared to post without images.

How to promote your blog through inforgraphic
How to promote your blog through inforgraphic

Now the question comes how to share a blog post in an infographic.

  • It’s very easy to find your topic on which you would like to make the infographic. For example, my topic is “blogging tips”.
  • Note down the number of points in excel or word which you are planning to explain in short.
  • Next, finalize the chat or graphic image which suits your topic and blog niche. Now the time comes to put your thoughts under your infographics through design them.
  • Before submitting the infographic recheck nothing should be missing. You can promote you promote the references by mentioning their names.
  • You all done you have created the image of your first infographic to promote your blog.

Few popular platforms to submit your Infographic.
2.Inforgrahpic Journal.
3.Infographic Bee.
4.Good Infographics.
5.Daily Inforgraphic.
7.Inforgraphics Showcase.
8.Sumit Inforgraphics.
Infographic Submit Platforms Names.

7. Push notification.

Grow traffic through push notification one of the simplest technique to drive traffic to your blog. Choose the Push notification service set that up on your website.

Whenever you will publish the post it will send an automatic notification to your subscribers. Set the push notification today only.

You can use any of your favorite push notification tools. Else you can start with PushEngage Service. They give a free option for 2500 free subscribers to send then free automatic notification.

Push notification for marketing
Push notification for marketing

Another best option you can promote your blog through RSS Feed. RSS feed also does the same work as other push notifications.

And adding RSS feed will be easier for you if you are using WordPress sites. Just add the feed to the end of your blog posts.

For example:

https://foodrecipysdfc/blog/feed (your URL will be look like this).

8. Guest blogging.

How to get audiences for your blog by guest posting. This really works or not. The answer is yes its does work if you work with the right guest blogging strategies.

Guest posting not only has the potential to send you the targeted traffic but also generates backlinks for you.

And backlinks will build your SEO ranking and google ranking too. Let see how you can do that.

In guest posting basically, you have to write quality articles for the other top bloggers. Behalf of writing a fresh new post you can ask for the return of one or two backlinks to your website or exchange links.

If blogger to which you have approach get agree with your proposal. Then you will get the backlink that improves your branding and domain value.

The second benefit of guest posting is your name and image which will be going to be visible in another blog post.

It will increase your credibility and recognition in your niche field. Many bloggers do not refer to guest posting because its time consuming and end of the day you are writing a post for the other blogger.

But if you want to make a healthy relationship with other top bloggers. And also want to give a boost to your new website on a ranking basis then you can use this method

9. Answer Question in Quora.

Apart from the social media site, you can promote your blog into question-answer sites also. Quora is one of the top question-answer site we have which follow subtopics.

Quora Question-Answer-for-Promotion

Tons of internet youth posting their question on the quora site. Providing them the answer along with a call to action link (post link) of their asking question will increase the traffic count.

Simply putting a link will not going to help you. You should require to know the strategy on how to get traffic from Quora.

If you use Quora with the right planning then it could be work as a website traffic generation machine.

Quora Questions Section.
Quora Questions Section.

Sign in to Quora today make your professional profile, update your website link, select niche topics. And start to give a quality answer to questions

  • Quora have the potential to dive into the leads.
  • It can increase your sales (if you are promoting products).
  • Allows you to connect the multiple influencers.
  • Do not do over-promotion in Quora give quality answers to people’s questions.

10 . Community/Forums.

One successful blog of high traffic blogs never gets the traffic from the one source. They do have three and more sources to gain more traffic.

You can also do that through niche communities and forums. Now maybe you are thinking but how to promote blog posts in forums.

Engagement with the community and forums is confusing for me also in starting. But after having correct guidelines I get success in this source of traffic also.

Take an example of few sites in which you can promote your blog.

  • BizSugar.
  • Blokude.
  • Reddit.
  • Blog engage.
  • Product Hunt.

First, find the community and forums which related to your niche or simpler to your niche.

Find online niche forums for promote blog posts.
Find online niche forums for promote blog posts.

People always come in forums to talk about any problem and always looking for the best solving peoples around.

There you can put your answers or advise them. And examples to make people understand your theory.

Through this simple conversation, you are making a healthy relationship with the forum audiences.

Slowly you can promote your blog there. If you are doing affiliate marketing then you can suggest the best product to an audience that solves their problem.

Now the question comes how to research the forms which relate to your blog.

It’s very easy.

Visit google in the search box type “intitle:forum”+food recipe (basically your niche keywords).

Idea to find forums
Idea to find forums

Networking and connecting with people can make your blog more famous. You can run your blog without going to forums too.

But if you want to take your blog to a high level then you can take it one step ahead. Getting traffic from forums is not that easy, you have to give your daily time to solve the community people problems.

After gaining faith you can promote your blog and expect an audience to come to your blog.

It’s not easy it will take time but once you will gain the customer’s trust you cannot imagine the traffic you will get from them.

11. Paid Promotion.

We have seen above how can you do the Facebook marketing for your blog for free. However, if you face a hard time promoting your blog in freeways.

Then you can also use the paid promotion for your drive blog traffic. After introducing the Facebook ads promote blog posts are getting more easily for bloggers.

If you want to viral your blog in few days then use Facebook ads. Paid internet advertising is the best idea to drive lots of traffic.

The paid promotion gives you’re the opportunity to target your keywords in which you want the traffic you can also say you will get the targeted traffic.

Apart from Facebook ads, there are other paid marketing channels is also available in which you can do the paid promotion.

Few popular paid promotion platform for blog:

  • Google AdWords.
  • Twitter Ads.
  • Bing Ads.
  • Instragram Ads.
  • BuySell Ads.
  • Facebook Ads.

Remember not every paid promotion is good for every blog. Ists also depart on your blog niche.

Take an example, if you have a lifestyle blog the running ads on Instagram will give you the best result.

If you have an education-based blog then running ads on Facebook and Twitter will give you the best result.

12. Niche social bookmarking sites.

If still, you are getting confused about how to promote blog posts. Then you can use social bookmarking sites for example posts your blog on sites like Flipboard, Reddit, etc.

Before gaining the traffic from bookmarking sites. First, you have to understand the strategy of these social sites.

Few tips for you:

  • Post the article which is a popular in your blog or in search engine.
  • Your article should be quality content.
  • Be active on the bookmarking sites.
  • Add your blog in the right category to get traffic.

Few popular bookmarking sites for you:

bookmarking sites

14. Make YouTube videos related your niche.

YouTube has tons of audience potential it’s also called the second highest search engine platform on the internet.

Through converting your blog content in video and enabled in your blog post is one of the smart strategies bloggers are doing these days.

This video marketing strategy will help your blog to rank high in search engines too.

It increases your conversions, viewers’ engagement and product sales along with your website traffic.

To make the video for your post you can use software or tools like CamStudio, Lumen5, Rocketium, and Camtasia.

You also need a good microphone along with a web camera.

Create your YouTube channel and start posting your niche-related videos there.

You can post your videos on other channels too such as Vimeo or Wistia.

  1. Don’t forget to link your post link for your viewers at the end of the video description (Meta description).
  2. Plus link your website URL in every video description. These tricks will promote blog posts instantly.
  3. Use a keyword in the video title or video headline to attract an audience.
  4. Tag the keywords which are relevant to the video topic.
  5. Craft Impressive thumbnails to get the attention of viewers.
  6. After publishing the video you can promote your video on your forum sites and social media site

Same you have to do in your blog post. Whenever you’re right any new blog post makes a short video related to that keyword topic and enabled the video inside the post.

15. Connect with influencers.

As a blogger no matter in which niche you online reach in always informed. If at any point in time you feel that you are getting demotivated just because of not getting sufficient traffic immediately then start making contact with your niche influencers.

But need to contact the influencers.

Because they already have a huge audience and online reach. Make a network of similar blogs will also give you the trips regarding your blog improvement.

Networking with influencers gives exposure to your blog brand, you can also gain backlinks and SEO tricks through them.

Now the question comes how to do that right.

It’s easy to make a list of the bloggers in your niche.

  • First, whenever publish the new quality content. Link pro blogger relevant post URL under your post (give external link).

Next, email them with the same post link and details to know that you have to promote their amazing post too.

Or you can pin them in social media to know.

Pro blogger will surely get happy with your work and you will be able to make a healthy relationship.

  • Second, comment on a pro blogger’s new post and let them know you’re feeling about their article.
Comment Section
Comment Section
  • Third, join influencer social media platforms like a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Four, Show your interest in influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Five, In the pro blogger article, you have found the website mention box under the comment section. Then just put your website URL link on that.
leave a comment option
leave a comment option

Remember influencers have the potential to promote your brand at a high level. Therefore influencer marketing is growing day by day.

Many small bloggers also follow influencers because they want to reach the target audiences.

Many bloggers have their blog success just because they have a good healthy relationship with their niche influencers.

16. Giveaway formula.

Apart from targeted traffic, your blog brand awareness is also important. And one of the best formulas you can use to increase your audience brand awareness is giveaways or contests.

Arrange Contests.

People like gifts such as giveaways and weekly or monthly contests also help a lot in promote blog posts. You can organize contests on a weekly basis or monthly basis.

Else you can also organize a giveaway on special days like cyber Monday, New Year special, festival special.

Use Social media.

A huge number of audiences spending their time on social media. They also like to participate in small contestants and question-answer surveys.

Start making your plan to drive more traffic from social media through engaging them by survey or question-answer round.

If you don’t know how to craft the survey page or giveaway page it’s totally fine. Out of their lots of conduct, viral giveaway tools and plugins are available which will be going to make your work easy.

Such as KingSumo and Wishpond.

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