14 Best On Page SEO Guide for Search Engine Journy.

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on page seo.

It’s important to follow the SEO strategies till today date. Therefore we cannot ignore the solid top rankings in google with on-page SEO.

Here you will understand the top On page SEO techniques that will help your blog or website to get more traffic from google searches and how to do that too.

What is On-page SEO?

In simple words in the blogging industry page, SEO is all about optimizing website pages to help them get ranked in google and other search engines.

However, when it comes to off page SEO it’s mostly about building links in site SEO. Here as a blogger, we try to fix the page-level elements of a website.

Indeed, one website’s success journey cannot complete without On page optimization. On plus other hand search engine traffic bloggers cannot achieve the sales count and increase their conversion rates.

So it’s good to understand sometime how google works because eventually google only gives your website more traffic, sales, and revenue.

Best On Page Seo Techniques to get Top Ranking in Google.

Today you will be able to find a lot of on-page optimization techniques on the internet and from various sources however not every optimization technique going to work at the current date.

So ideally, we should always need focus on SEO optimization and top On page SEO activities which really going to help and work with google latest algorithms in the current year.

Their many websites raking facts such as Meta Keywords Tag has not been changed by google, so you can simply avoid that.

And start focusing on those SEO strategies which after implementing on your website they will work well with the latest google algorithms.

When you talk about the on page elements then many tag forms come in this such as list-type tags, image tags, title tags, heading tags, Meta tags, HTML tags, bold letter, underline, etc.

Therefore it’s always best SEO practice to make sure to use the targeted keywords naturally in our website page content.

1. Use Targeted Keywords and LSI Keywords (H2 & H3 Tags).

What is LSI Keywords
What is LSI Keywords

Our post page primary keyword is as always the H1 tag, later you can use H2 and H3 tags for the related keywords and LSI keywords it is one of the good tips for SEO page rank.

For example, I have to write the post about the off-page SEO so my primary keyword would be off page SEO means H1 tag and then I will start including H2 and H3 tags.

And including all these H1, H2, and H3 tags I will also include other LSI keywords or related keywords like off-page optimization techniques, search engine optimization, SEO optimization tips, op page optimization, off page SEO, etc.

2. SEO Friendly URLs (Keep it Short & Scrip’s).

SEO Friendly URls.
SEO Friendly URls.

Website URLs, serve the purpose of the content type, which means by looking at the URLs of any website page audience will understand the topics which have been covered on that post page.

So again including your targeted keywords in your URLs work well per page seo techniques and try to put it at the beginning of the URL.

And if you keep your targeted keyword short or URLs short then it’s always easy for the audience to remember your page for future references.

I have seen many bloggers use special characters in their URLs which is not a good SEO tactics in my opinion don’t do that, avoid special characters like colons, brackets, commas, question marks, etc.

3. Primary Keywords in first & last 100 Words.

When we talk about on page SEO then keyword placement plays an important part, by that your blog or website is about to get a top ranking on google.

Use your primary keywords at starting or in the first 100 words and try once in the last paragraph or last 80 words of your content.

It’s a small SEO tactic but works well with google ranking.

4. WWW version VS Non WWW version.


Whether you want to use your blog with a www version or a non-www version for your website’s internal pages and home page.

Whatever you choose you have to be consistent with that and only keep one version and if you want to change it then sure later you can redirect (301 redirects) to the first.

Also, choose the preferred version whenever you decide to link your website pages.

For example, if my website is non www version and today I have decided to change in www version for my website pages then I should be automatically redirected to their www versions.

And after completing this process means getting links for our website, you will be required to use www with our website URLs.

5. Writing SEO Optimized Titles.

To improve website SEO is important to focus on optimizing your titles It works well for audiences and search engines and it also helps to drive more organic traffic to your websites.

Many big ads advertisement companies hire an SEO consultant to just work on only on site SEO factor to increase google rankings because correct page title optimization drive organic traffic.

So always remember when you are writing your post page title you must include targeted keywords towards the beginning of your title.

Second try to limit your title or restrict your title to 65 to 70 characters only with spaces.

However, don’t ignore the fact that you have to write a title that should be clickable and enough interesting to get a higher CTR in search engine result pages.

6. Optimize Images Alternate tag & Images.

Optimize Image Alternative tag & Images.
Optimize Image Alternative tag & Images.

To get more search traffic ALT tag plays a key role it has the potential to increase your traffic from google and from other search engines too.

I always said try to post at least one image in your blog post because if you were able to properly optimized keywords on their image alt tag, then the possibility is there you will get massive traffic from google images search results.

And Optimize image name means keeping your image name in your targeted keywords.

This on page SEO method says that after putting your targeted keyword in your image name you should also add alternative text with each image used on your website pages.

Note: many bloggers use images downloaded by google or any other website, try to use your own clickable photos or create one by canvas.

If still you want to grab the picture because of your niche requirement don’t forget to link to the original owner of the images.

It is important because by mentioning the real owner’s name you won’t face any copyright issues in the future.

There are many ways available through which you can find high-quality images for your blog post.

There are many free images editing tools also available where you can edit your uploaded images or edit your own clicked images for your blog posts.

7. Keyword Density.

Another SEO on page optimization is keyword density and keyword density means repeating the targeted keywords in your website content or post page.

Yoast SEO and Rank Math also give the preference of keyword density calculation based on the total number of time keyword is used in your web page content and also divided by the total number of words on that page post.

For example, the targeted keyword “website optimization techniques” is used 10 times in page content and the total word count on that page is 500 words.

Now what is the keyword density percentage will be there, the keyword density for the “website optimization techniques” term in that web page will be 2% which is very high.

Usually, you should keep your keyword density to 1% only.

Don’t over-optimize your page content and try to use relevant keywords or LSI keywords for better website ranking.

8. Link to Trusted Domains to Improve your Domain.

Linking one website to another website is one of the old SEO methods that’s why outbound linking is known as one of the major ranking factors in on page optimization.

A trusted domain helps other big to small bloggers to gain the trust of their new bloggers and website, therefore if you want better search results for your website on google then linked your website with authorized and trusted domains.

And don’t just link to any niche website just because it has good trusted find highly relevant to your content and niche and then linked up.

If you are following the process of a link to an external website then make sure you check properly and link to the trusted website in the eyes of Google.

9. Use Robots.txt file.

First, understand how it works so if you might run the website then you will for sure know that robots.txt actually getting your web page and content crawled by google bots.

It is more famous as it blocks certain kinds of content types from our website in search engines.

Bloggers also use this robots.txt file to block certain folders, files, and some special URLs which they don’t want to be crawled into the search engine.

So if you have any kind of folder and file on your website that you don’t want to crawl by bots then you can use this robots.txt file and block them for the good reason.

10. Write Engaging Meta Description.

You can rank your website by providing interesting and great meta descriptions, however, it not going to help direct your website search engine rankings but indirectly it helps.

When we search anything in the google search engine it shows up meta description data as part of your website listing in the search result.

So if you will write a good and interesting meta description then eventually it will get more clicks to your website no matter in which place your website is showing on search engine result page.

11. Website should be Mobile Friendly.

Check Mobile Friendly Test
Check Mobile Friendly Test

Site ranking can go down if your website is not mobile-friendly or responsive enough.

So make sure your website pages must be mobile friendliness and you can check the website or any internal pages from the Google Page Speed tool here.

12. High Quality & Unique Content.

When we talk about SEO on page optimization techniques then writing high-quality content is one of the most considered things.

It’s important for your audiences that they get high-quality and relevant content.

Copying paste blogs or websites does not have a long life as also copying other content also gets penalized by google by using a platform like plagiarism practices and all.

As Google has come out with some very restricted rules and policies such as panda update and other latest algorithm updates, doing copy paste is a total waste of time.

Many popular websites also lost their traffic in the past just because they’re delivering scrapped content.

Always try to provide the audience with your genuine opinion and provide as much as problem-solving content ideas.

Keep your eyes open for the hot topics in your niche or micro niche. You can read top websites and blogs related to your niche for just ideas purposes but not for the copy purpose.

13. Secure Your Website with HTTPS.

Lets move to another on page seo for best seo result. No matter what topic or query you are researching on google you will only see the HTTPS websites showing up on almost all starting google pages.

So if your website is secure with HTTPS for the audience then for sure google is giving a ranking boost to your website.

It affects your SEO page rank so if you are using the best hosting platform then for sure they are offering free SSL configuration.

So if still you are running your website with an HTTP version then change it to HTTPS version and make secure your website in the eyes of google for better site ranking.

14. Website Loading Speed.

Check Website Speed by Gmatrix
Check Website Speed by Gmetrix

One more on site SEO elements is very important which is website loading speed, if you want website ranking on your site then start taking seriously your website speed.

Google has many important ranking factors in google and website speed is one of them. By improving your website speed you can achieve a better ranking on google.

So check your website speed today and tried to load all your website pages within 2 to 3 seconds.

You can check your blog or website homepage speed using the GTmetrix tool, Pingdom, WebPage Test, and Google Development Page Speed insights.

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