10 Ways Increase Returning Visitors.

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Why it’s important to know how to increase returning visitors instead of visiting once or twice only.

A good percentage of returning visitors is not only good for your niche blog but it also shows your blog has more trusted and loyal readers and commenters.

The audience direct visiting your site mostly likes to share the blog posts you publish and trust your advice product.

Therefore you should work hard to deliver high-quality content to your audience which eventually increases blog traffic too.

Increase Returning Visitors.

Audience behavior indicates which kind of blog post they attract more and it also helps you to create your content strategy around that.

Apart from bringing new visitors, you should also need focus on how to retain users on the website.

There are some key actions or proven ways to increase your retaining visitor rate. Before knowing about how to increase returning visitors let’s understand where you can find these returning visitor rate details.

For that, you have to visit to set up Analytics on your WordPress site or you can visit directly to your blog Google Analytics page.

Returning visitors google analytics shows the number of users who have to your website how often users have visited with the same device and what is the returning visitor rate of your website.

Note: The blogging industry doesn’t have any fixed good returning visitor rate it depends on a niche basis. However, if you say on an average basis than 30% is returning called a good returning rate.

In my opinion, if your blog falls between 10% to 20% still it’s a great rate.

Let’s start with how to increase returning visitors to your blog for better outreach and to build trust or authority.

1. Content with Social Media Platform.

Content with Social Media Platform
Content with Social Media Platform

Social media have the huge potential to generate traffic to your blog it almost increases website traffic by 15% to 30% and you can use social media platforms as well the increase your returning visitor rate.

But it depends on different niche categories as well, however as we know a large part of the audience is on social media so offering them to follow you on different social channels will let you in touch with them and you can bring them on your site.

By promoting your blog post on social media sites you can get traffic to your websites, plus you can ping your audience for the latest post update and so on.

Your website visitor can also join your social channel page through social media pages on your blog. This means adding a social link to each post.

By creating a social media group like Facebook or Linkedin group you will also increase your number of followers and their engagement rate.

This strategy will help you to generate recurrent traffic to the blog, however, as I have mentioned its work wonders for a few niche category such as Fashion blog, Travel blog, DIY blog, Jewelry blog, and so on.

2. Create a Push Notification List.

Have you built up the push notification list on your website because it helps to get website traffic, push notifications are one of the old and great ways of increasing your returning visitor rate?

Let’s understand how it boosts website traffic when you build the push notification on your blog then users get the automatic popup on their mobile or desktop to permit you to send them messages and when users lick that they directly land on your website page.

There are many push notification WordPress plugins available that you can install such as PushEngage.

Setup the push notification and collect the subscribers and later turn them into returning visitors.

3. Publish Regular New Content.

As I have already mentioned in my other articles as well that the best way to get traffic to your websites or increase your returning visitors is to deliver high-quality unique content.

Deliver the values and not only high-quality content but publish the regular post because if you keep publishing the amazing content for your users then they also keep coming back.

Eventually, it will automatically increase your returning visitor rate. You can make the schedule according to your time frame but follow your time frame and try to publish the content often so that audience will get the value.

Content making plays a big role when it comes to gaining google traffic choose the various niche topics for your blog and work every week.

Big companies publish the posts in hourly basic some big companies publish content like 15 or 18 a day.

However, as an individual blogger writing 3 to 4 posts per week is a good strategy, it will also depend on your post length, and don’t compromise with content quality.

There is no fixed number of post strategy is available just be consistent with your blog publishing and always try to provide the resolution of users’ issues.

4. Strategic Retargeting Ads.

Retargeting ads are also the best ways to increase traffic on your websites, let’s understand how its works.

When any user visits your website and you have to display the retargeting ads by interacting with your social media pages or videos get interacted with your brand.

It helps to keep your site in front of your visitor and brings them again to your site.

There are multiple ways through which you can run strategic retargeting ads such as Google Display Retargeting or Facebook Retargeting Ads, etc.

These whole retargeting ads camping work by using tracking cookies basis. And they work based on visitor behavior, interest, etc.

5. Start An Email Newsletter.

Emails are another great way to increase traffic to your website by starting a newsletter you can connect with your users and keep them reminded of your brand, quality content, and best advice products.

Set up the email marketing tools like Constant Contact and start to automate workflows.

When you have a list of users then you can send them an email to sign up for your email list by offering a free gift in return, like a niche-related Free PDF file or some niche-related data excel information free gift.

For example, I have created a post on the top 5 blog content strategies and converted this special post into a PDF file, a cheat sheet, and videos listing all the words in the post.

6. Update Your Blog Posts.

To return visitors and get more website traffic you have to understand that visitors always looking for something more interesting.

If any users have trust in your blog they will always come back for updated information or more quality content.

So keep your blog always updated it could be new blog posts, solving users’ new problems, answering user questions related to a particular niche, advising best product as per your experience, etc.

If you will solve the purpose of the audience then they will keep coming, however, if you have not solved the audience’s purpose then start focusing on that from today onwards.

Check what kind of posts users like most and what they want to read and start choosing your next niche topics according to that.

7. Check your visitor Preference and Deliver Content related to that.

When we talk about growing website traffic then it is good to track your audience behavior and activity by google analytics.

By Google Analytics you can check where your users have clicked in your blog, which post page they spend more time on, how often they return from your blog page, etc.

To check your audience behavior also known as mapping your audience preference profiles, through this you can make a list of which topics generates more traffic and interest.

If you have found that your audience is more interested to read about kitchen products then start producing more of this type of content.

Delivering the content as per audience preference attracts more returning visitors.

8. Work on Interactive Content.

Interactive content has a good capacity to generate engagement and generating traffic to your blog.

Users like interactive content in many niches and they like to revisit the site because they are had a good experience on your blog page.

It automatically generates the loyalty of your public and you can publish some interactive content to see the audience’s response to that.

You can make the content related to quizzes, interactive eBooks, interactive calculators, interactive infographics, etc.

However, always remember to make the interactive content related to your blog niche, don’t go out of niche topics, and expect high traffic.

If your blog niche does not have the potential for quizzes and all then its fine to use other steps to gain returning visitors.

9. Reply to Audience Comments.

Another step for increase returning visitors is replying readers comments.

There is some niche category there where it’s important to reach out to the blog commenters and thank them for leaving the comments.

I will not advise this step as s necessary step for increasing your returning visitors however if you are comfortable and have time to acknowledge email commenters then only proceed.

In many cases when a user asked any question related to your blog post and the blogger has replied to their comments then the user fills acknowledged and takes more interest in coming back to your site.

For example, many education-related niche blogs or college-related niche blogs often have questions in mind.

And they ask questions in email commenters when they found that you value and reply to all their questions on your blog, they will continue to connect with your blog.

You can use the Comment Email Reply plugin to setup this up on your site.

10. Page Loading Speed.

The last and very important step in the list of Increase returning visitors is page speed.

Access to content as quickly get your website on google’s top ranking. When your website page speed gets down then the audience and online readers have been declining rapidly.

Good page speed make the user happy and visitor like to revisit the page, however, those marked as slow in their mind will ignore to visiting again.

Great page speed boosts web traffic as it encourages your new reader and old readers to click on your blog posts whenever they come across them on the web.

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