How to Start a Blog [Step by Step Guide] 9 Steps.

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How to Start A Blog.

Great ideas that you want to start a blog.

Blogging gives you the earning and life stability too. In blogging, you can follow your passion niche and can do the writing about it.

A blogging platform gives you the freedom of lives your life as an individual entrepreneur. So, starting a blog is like building your own dream. Writing and publishing an article will let you feel so awesome which I can’t able to explain you.

If you are thinking about where to start a blog. Then do not worried here you will get the step-by-step guide without any confusion.

I have also start blogging a few years back. Therefore I know the questions which come in blogger newbies mind.

I learn a lot in my starting point and have lots of perfect methods for make your blog successful and up running.

What is Blogging and why to start blogging?

So, let begin how to start a blog or how to create a blog step by step.

How to start a blog in few easy steps.

Step 1: Select a niche for your blog.

Step 2: Choose a blogging platform.

Step 3: Pick a domain name.

Step 4: Get a web hosting account?

Step 5: Starting a blog on WordPress.

Step 6: Select a WordPress theme to design your blog.

Step 7: Write content and promote your blog.

Step 8: Drive Traffic into your blog

Step 9: Make money blogging.

From here onwards you will get details to guide you about how to create a blog. The purpose of this guide is to teach you the high potential career option.

I mention this guide as much as easier for you. So, I have divided the process into steps by step. Plus you will get the bonus tips in middle to scale your blogging career at top.

Select a Niche for Your Blog:

light blue bag round with white text words pick your target niche

Many of the platforms will tell you that choose the domain name and web hosting. But in my opinion, your first step always needs to be to find your perfect niche for blogging.

Most newbies stuck in this first point only. Because they don’t know what should they blog about.

Choose the niche in which you can write about. Don’t choose a random topic, do not pick the topic just because it’s very profitable in a blogging platform.

Choose the topic in which you have the knowledge plus easy to rank on google. It’s important that you should know which kind of audiences you want and how you can convert them into your earning later.

If you are still in confusion:

Choose the blog niche in which you can write often without any hesitation. Some bloggers make multiple topics blogs and some bloggers work on a niche-specific website.

In 2020 I would suggest going with the micro niche website. It means to write about one specific topic and provide all relevant information about it.

A micro niche is very easy to monetize and google also prefers to rank the micro niche site fast as compare to multiple topics site.

Find the niche or topic in which you have an interest. In which you are very passionate and have the highest knowledge about it.

If Not highest then at least that much interest through which you will not get bored about searching and reading about that.

It should be something which you are happy about it. Something which you can grow more, something in which other people also have an interest.

It could be anything such as traveling, technology, finance, food, fashion, photography, Soccer, or so on.

But, how to find the profitable niche for my blog.

Down below you will find few steps which will help you to find the profitable niche for your blog.

  1. Choose the topic in which you are comfortable and like most.
  2. See what kind of reading you are doing often and you like to talk about it.
  3. Check whether your topic adds value to others or not.
  4. Select the niche for a blog which have low competition and high search value I market.
  5. Check how you can make money from it.
  6. Does that niche have enough affiliate programs in the market?
  7. Try to choose niche in which you can solve customer queries.

I hope these steps will guide you a lot on how to figure out the profitable niche for the blog.

If still, you are having an issue finding your niche idea for the blog.

  • Note down ten favorite topics in any notepad.
  • After that select the top 5 most favorite ones in those.
  • Next check which three topics have low competition and high search value.
  • And now select one of them in which you are good along with the right search value.

Choose a Blogging Platform.

Now, next, you have to choose the blogging platform. These days multiple blogging platforms are available in which you can create your blog.

Self-hosted platforms are better than free blog options. However, free blogging is not bad at all but if you want to take seriously your blogging career. Then self-hosted platform such as WordPress is the best choice for the blogging platform.

But, how do I start a blog in WordPress?

Let me give you a clear picture of free hosting and Self-hosting (WordPress) in a very short line.


WordPress is the most uses platform in blogging industry. It’s not hard to learn very easy to set up with no need for customization. It will run fast. Through multiple plugins and themes, you can design your WordPress blog professionally.

Free Platform (

If you are looking for a free blog platform then you can choose the blogger. However, here you have to work according to the blogger rules and restrictions.

So if you are looking for how to make money with a blog. Then under blogger, you have to work with the limited ads or affiliate links.

So in my opening WordPress platform is best. Start your blog with your own hosting and domain name under the WordPress platform.

Pick a Domain Name:

light blue bag round along with white text words Select Your Blog Name

What is domain now? A domain name is your blog’s unique address or name through which your website will get known to audiences. When I have started my first blog.

I have purchased the 5+ domain but later I have found that none of them are matched to my blog niche.

So, as per my research and experience. I have mentioned few points here. Remember these few points before choosing your domain name.

First: Small name which could be easy to remember.

Second: Easy to write spelling and pronounce ways.

Third: It will be awesome if you can use your keyword in your domain. For example, you are planning to start a blog in a travel niche. Therefore you have to choose a domain name like “Traveltogether or Traveljuntion”.

Forth: Choose the popular domain extension for a blog such as “.com”.

Your blog domain name will be going to charge you the yearly fee. You can buy the cheaper domain names too. Just more focus on the steps which I have mentioned above.

For picking the right name for your blog. You can do the online domain research too by Blue host Suggestion feature. After putting the domain name in the search box it will show the availability of the domain.

Try to use the domain which comes with .com or .org. Because it ranks well in google search engines.

Select a Web Hosting for Start a Blog?

light blue bag round color with white text words Select a reliable web hosting

The website shows the content or data. And these files get stored on the online server. Server store the data of your website and communicate to your audiences. Therefore we must make our blog in hosting.

Many bloggers maybe recommend tons of other web hosting providers.

But in my opinion, Siteground is best. Cheap web hosting gives the pathetic website loading speed.

And if your website or blog does not speed up, then you will be not able to search for your potential audiences.

Siteground provides awesome customer support. When you are new in blogging and do not have much information about the backend files. Then Siteground will help a lot and make your blogging life easy for you.

It’s totally up to you which web hosting provider you want. But if you don’t want much trouble in your blog, at least in the starting phase.

Then you must go with Siteground web hosting. The price is not high it’s totally affordable.

In the next section, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to buying the web hosting space through Siteground.

three boxes with white bag round and black text words about siteground hosting plan

Step 1: Visit the Site ground page and pick the plan.

white bag round of siteground hosting plan page about ad domain

Step 2: Select the domain name which you have for your blog.

multiple boxes for fill up the account details for hosting purchase

Step 3: Mention your account details.

siteground hosting payment option page

Step 4: Enter your Debit / Credit card details.

Step 5: Conform to the term and condition page and get started.

The Siteground page will be going to take few minutes. To prepare your web hosting with your domain name.

After few minutes you can refresh and check your email address for important details related to your web hosting account.

Congratulation you have done with your one of the prominent point.

Your web hosting and domain installation have been done.

Set up a Blog on WordPress.

In this step, we will get to know how to make a blog with WordPress. Newbies blogger always get confused when it comes to setting up a blog on WordPress.

But guys let me tell you it’s very easy. No tough process at all it’s just about a few clicks and you are done.

Step 1: Visit your web hosting account whatever you have. I am using site ground so I am telling you about the same. After login into your account.

You will get the option of setting up your new startup hosting account.

Now you will get the option of tools such as WordPress, Woocommerce, Joomla, and more. Select the WordPress software to install on your blog r website.

Next, you have to fill in the few login details on a page. You are able to set your password from here too.

I will suggest putting a strong password which you can remember because it’s very important as per your website security.

Now you will get the agreement check box which you have to click and click on the complete setup button.

Congratulation you hosting account is ready page will be appearing. Click on proceed to customer area option.

After a home page of the account comes click on the account option. Next click on the installation tab.

On the right downside, you will get the option of go to the admin panel option, click on that.

This option will redirect you to the WordPress login dashboard. Put your credential there means your user name and password which you have created.

Now you can see your blog WordPress dashboard home page. You have just completed your WordPress installation without any trouble.

Select a WordPress Theme to Design Your Blog.

light pink bag round color with white text words Choose Your Blog Theme.

Every blogger wants his website should look good. Here is a new blogger you have to now need to focus on your blog design or website design.

The theme for a blog makes your website professional and eye-catching. Unprofessional blog design also expects the customer experiences. Therefore blogging themes are always good to use.

Blog theme not only requires good attraction but also should match the content need.

Most of your visitors will remember your blog through their design and apprentices. WordPress themes make your life easy.

In fact, in WordPress themes, you will get the automatic design themes for your all types of blog.

In the market there are multiple free blogging themes and premium themes are available. It’s totally ok if you choose the free theme for a blog.

But in my opinion best you go with premium themes. Most of the premium themes are user-friendly, mobile-friendly, Seo friendly along with good customer support and starter guide.

WordPress Dashboard>Appearances>Themes>Select the theme>Click on install theme.

Good blogging design also helps you to gain traffic and visitors.

So, what are the best of WordPress themes?


light white bag round with customer ratings and other back text words about Generate press theme

One of the favorite themes of lots of bloggers. This theme is popular because it loads fast, very responsive, and easy to customize. Always use the lightweight blog theme.

Customer support is awesome on this theme. So, you can select the Genratepress theme without is doubt. Its looks plan and professional. To upload your premium theme you just need to click on them:

Appearance>Add New Theme>Select the theme zip file from your device>choose upload>then click on install.

Few more best themes for your blog.

Thrive themes:

green bag round with white text words of thrive architect theme

Another best theme for a blog. It’s given the option of shortcodes and email opt-in. thrive theme is easy to customize and more popular because of its conversion-optimized feature.

Many other powerful options are also available in this theme which you can see while you are building your website in it.

Schema theme:

light blue color with white text words about schema theme

This theme is designed by the Mythemeshop. Well, the optimized theme for your website ranking. Fast and smart look.

After get installed your perfect theme for your blog. You need to involve in the theme customization part.

And this part gives lots of pain if you chose the free blog themes. No proper support no proper customization.

But if you have a theme like thrive or Generatpree. Then you can take the support of customer help and customize and optimize your blog easily.

Note: After completing your theme optimization. You need to upload and activate the required WordPress plugins.

Before start, a blog with content publishing some essential plugins are required. Hundreds and thousands of WordPress plugins available in the market.

However, some plugins are very useful for the newbies blogger to start a blog.

Such as,

Yoast SEO.

light white bag round with purple word text about Yoast plugin

Seo is important for ranking. Here, the Yoast plugin will work to guide you to do the proper on-page SEO.

How to start a blog also comes with the question of how to do the SEO of content. Yoast is best for newbies blogger.

Easy to understand, easy to use his feature, and easy to set up for your website. There are other new SEO plugins are also available such as rank math SEO. You can use that also but as a newbie, I will recommend Yoast is best.

Updraft Plus:

Orange bag round with white text word Updraftplus

Siteground daily takes the website backup. This is a very cool extra option you will get if you go with Siteground.

However, it’s good to have your own backup too. Backup of the website is a necessary part.

So, you can use Updraft plugging to take a backup of my websites and you can restore your website whenever you want.

WP Rocket:

Everyone likes the fast-loading website. Even Google also likes the fast loading website and it comes in one of the ranking factors too.

Hence, WP rocket is popular to make your website or blog fast. It totally optimizes your website which helps your website in speed.

Therefore, differently, buy this plugin and use it on your website. Still, there are few free options are also available just like autotomize for your website speed.


Compress your content images is also comes under SEO factors. Heavy size images always take time to upload. And it affects your Google ranking and customer experiences too.

Shortpxile will compress the website image with no quality compromise. After reducing the image size by the Shortpxile your website will load fast and rank well.


While bag round with black text word Elementor

To create your landing page beautiful you required the page builder. Elementor page buider is best.

I have used many times Elementor page builder for my websites. The drag and drop function going to make your work easy.

Thrive leads:

If your website is required to take the audience’s email id. Then you can use the thrive leads plugin for the same. It gives multiple features such as screen filler, sticky ribbon, content lock, and more.

Jetpack by WordPress.

This one plugin gives you lots of features. Installing individual plugins for every individual work will not good for your website’s backhand health.

Less plugin with lots of features is always good. Hence, install the Jetpack plugin it helps you to disable comment future, it is mobile-friendly, share your post on social media, and you can also check the analytics.

These are all basic and essential top plugins which is very important for your new blog. Definitely, out there thousands of other plugins are available which you can try.

But as a new blogger, I would recommend don’t play with crack plugins just do the proper setup first and do the experiment later.

Installing all these plugins are very easy to do:

In your WordPress dashboard.

Left and site plugin option will appear.

After clicking in plugin>click on add plugin option.

You can search the plugin in the search box and simply install the plugin.

After installing the plugin just click on the active button.

That’s all plugin installation has been done. You can check the installed plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Write Content and Promote Your Blog.

After setup your WordPress and theme you can proceed to start your first blog post. I am giving you a short and crisp answer of the question how to write blogs.

Content is something that only makes your audiences happy. So, always focus to write the best content along with the right keyword research.

For newbies sometimes it’s very hard to collect your thought on what to write and how to write. Here are some tips.

  • Just imagine like you are giving online tuition to someone who required knowledge about your niche. Make the content that can engage the viewers.
  • Use the awesome title of the post which attracts the audience.
  • Choose the long tell keyword topic as blogger beginner.
  • Try to cover all the parts which come under that topic, give value to the customer. For example, write about their introduction, why it’s important, extra factors, benefits, pros cons, and much more.
  • Use the images as it’s also one of the attractive factors. Don’t use direct google images use free image sites for the same.
  • Point your topic details one by one.
  • Try to write at least one thousand to twelve thousand words at least in your starting blog.
  • Do the on-page SEO for the best result in google.
  • Write a blog is a quality way and easy to read.
  • You can put YouTube videos too if you have a YouTube channel. Because it keeps your user stick with the page.

Follow all these steps, it will make your blog writing easy. You can write a blog online direct in WordPress or you can write in MS Word.

Later after all editing and after grammar checked you can upload on your WordPress>dashboard>post>add post.

Note: Before publishing your first content. A few more major points are still pending. As you want to make blogs to earn money. It’s also required some important pages in your blog to show your blog authority and safety.

Before posting your day-by-day work on your blog. You must create these pages first. Which is the About Us page, Content page, Privacy policy, etc.

About us:

Through this page, you can tell your audience what your blog is all about. What kind of information they will be going to get here. Who you are actually and why you are running this blog. You can also mention your previous experience related to writing. You can also add your blog-related social page links here.

Content Page:

If you want that your readers can content you or ask questions regarding your niche topics. Then you have to create the content page too. On the content page, you can mention your email if or social page links.

Privacy policy page:

This is one kind of page that tells audiences what there are getting in your blog. What information you’re collecting from the audiences. In another word, its shows what you are doing in your site.

It also defines your blog’s legal terms and conditions. However, every blog has not required this page it depends on your niche.

If your niche does the audience data collection and something like that. Then it’s good to have a privacy policy page.

Drive Traffic Into Your Blog:

After publishing the post google takes little time to rank your post as per the quality of content.

So, after few days you will able to see the traffic in your site. Which is important for make money blogging. To make money through a blog required stability and an audience.

You can also drive the traffic into your blog. Many pro bloggers are not dependent on Google traffic they are building their own source of traffic which gives them lots of money.

I am recommending you few steps down below, through which you can start driving traffic into your blog easily.

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook and Twitter both are handling large basic of audiences. Thousand and lakhs of online businesses getting their traffic from these social media.

You can also promote your blog here and drive traffic in your website. Make Facebook business page and start promoting your content there.

Search Engine:

You also need to submit your blogs in search engines, such as Google and Bing. In another word, you have to index your website URL in both search engines to drive traffic in your side. Through the Webmaster tool, you can submit your website URL to your google account.

Forum Marketing:

Another best way to get traffic in your site is forum marketing. Many question-answer sites are available in which tons of traffic is coming.

Search the forum or discussion boarding sites like this and join them. For example, I have travel related blog.

So I will find the travel form and I will join them. Through answering audiences you can refer them to visit your site for more deep information.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting means content with your niche related to other pro bloggers. Let them know about your work and ask them to mention your blog link on their website.

A pro blogger is already having stability and an audience. It can possible that they can send a little traffic in your blog too. This method also helps in SEO backlinks.

Email Marketing:

If you have the email list of an audience that has an interest in your niche topic. Then you can do the email promotion mail to them. Create the business email id for that and start setup your mailing process.

Push Notification:

Through the push notification, you can send the daily notification to those how have previously visited your website. You just have to set up the push notification feature on your website.

After that when any viewers will put his email id on that. It will get saved, and next time when you will publish any post, the customer will get the notification automatically.

So I recommend setup the push notification on your website. Free and paid both software are available in the market.

Make Money From Blogging:

Now, after publishing the numbers of posts and promote them for driving traffic. Times come to make money from your blog.

Because of Moniziation, you start earning from your website. These days we have a number of ways through which you can turn your blog into passive income.

It’s important, that you keep dedicating to your blog writing content continuously and increase the traffic of numbers.

Once you grow the audiences and faith with google. You can make a good amount of money from blogging. Let see the number of ways to monetizes your blog for passive income.

 Google AdSense:

Most simple and easy to run ads on your blog. Running ads is not a headache at all it’s quite simple to monetize and setup.

You can apply to google absence which pays best in all website ads industry. Other ad networks are also available if you like to go for them.

But as a beginner in blogging, I would recommend just apply for the AdSense account and start earning from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing:

Through an affiliate program actually, you are promoting the other retails products in your site. When any of your audience by the product thought your affiliate links then boom you get the cut of it.

As simple as that. Numbers of sales and lots of money. The amount of commission will depend on the affiliate program which you have joined.

Some popular affiliate programs are ShareAsale, Amazon Affiliates, Flipkart Affiliates, and many more. Affiliate programs will depend on your blog niche.

Sell Your Own Product or Services:

If you have the side business too part from your website. Or might be you have start a blog related to your own product.

Then after gaining some audiences you can start promoting your service or product too. Many plugins are available in the market which allows you to produce your own product links in blogs.

Sponsored Post:

Many companies advertise are always looking for a platform where they can promote their product or service.

So if your website gets quite famous and comes under the advertiser’s eyes then it could be possible. That they will approach you to advertises for them, and they will pay you a very good amount for that,

Selling Ebooks:

If your blog running in the commercial area then downloading eBooks can be very beneficial for you. The commercial area is not mandatory you can sell eBooks anywhere but the commercial area is quite good for that.

So many online platforms are also available to promote your eBooks or you can sell the eBooks on your own website too.

FAQ How to Start a Blog:

How many post are required to post in a week?

In starting you have to give your best of post numbers. So, try to do one post every day or at least 3 pot in a week will also good for your blog consistency. As much as new content you will deliver to audiences. That much they will love to come back to your website.

What niche should be good for blogging?

It could be different for every person. Writing content is something which you have to do on regular basis.

So chose the niche or topic in which you have interests or hobbies. See in which you are good at yoga, food, traveling, health care, fishing, games, etc.

What is the right timing to add ads on blog?

When your blog is getting some kind of authority and start driving the traffic. Then you can choose which ads or affiliate program will shout to your blog niche.

After understanding all prospects of your program you can start putting them into your blog.

How to start a blog and start earning as a beginner blogs?

I have provided all information above on how can you start a blog. And you can start earning as a beginner blogger through putting ads and affiliate links to make money.

How to start a blog for free?

You can start your blogging through free sources too. Such as the Blogger platform. It gives you the place to start a blog for free.

However, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. As per my experiences, I will recommend WordPress along with your own hosting. Really business always required few investments.

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