How to do Keyword Research like a pro [5 Advanced Guide].

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How to do Keyword Research like a pro.

Using proper keywords for organic traffic to your blog is as important as feeding yourself for being alive.

No matter you are a newbie blogger or an old one, optimizing your website keyword not only gives you more traffic.

But it also helps search engines to know about your website’s purpose and niche specializations.

Crafting content and showing up in search results can’t be possible without keyword research.

In this post, I will guide you on how to do keyword research like a pro, how to find keywords, how to do keyword selection, and much more.

Chapter One:

What is Keyword Research?

How to do keyword research like a pro. Before we get into deep down of ocean let understand first what is keyword research and why keyword research is important.

Keyword research methods or process is required to find the popular search terms or words and phrases.

Means our primary goal is to focus on keyword which drive targeting traffic to your blog or website.

Right keywords allow a google search engine to rank your content at the top of the google page.

Put profitable keywords into your content and follow the best on-page SEO practice for lots of organic traffic from google.

Why Keyword Research is important.

Keyword research is the soul of blogging, find the best keywords for SEO gives your post instant success.

Many blogging masters say that quality content actually gives you traffic. OR a regular number of posts helps you to gain organic traffic.

Yes, both steps are true but without keyword research, you cannot reach the blogging success line.

Every keyword has a different value and competition. You must know how to pick the right keyword through checking keyword density, audience engagements, SEO campaign, keyword competition, customer trend, Ad revenue, and more.

We have lots of market serve which shows that many blogs have not failed just because they don’t write quality content.

Yes, quality content is important but they write the content which nobody in search engine searching about.

Because they don’t follow the keyword research process they could not be reached to their target audience.

Keyword research also helps to determine how much traffic we can expect from particular keywords.

How the audience searching for their needs in words, which kind of content people like most and etc.

Down below I will show you the smartest and easy way to find the good keywords for your website or blog

Because they don’t follow the keyword research process they could not be reached to their target audience.

Chapter Two.

Types of Keyword Research.

Keyword analysis shows that multiple audients all over the world search their queries and questions in their own ways.

The two most common types of keyword research we usually follow completion based and Traditional Based.

1. Traditional Based:

First, why should we use traditional based keyword research because it’s good for a blog in long run it also called a seed keyword?

You can come up with ideas of keywords through the premium keyword tool.

Take an example, you have one keyword is mind “baby seating” and you have to search the same term in the premium keyword tool.

Now your tool will generate keywords for you.

Within a second, its gives you the list of keyword which you can pick for your blog.

But before picking you have to categories those keywords in term of keyword volume, keyword competition, and keyword difficulties.

2. Competitions based.

The best method you can use to check your competitor’s post URL in premium keyword tools. To get to know in which keywords your competitor is ranking in google.

You have to also find out the keywords which not work for your competitor and have no value to add to your blog post.

Only substrate thoughts keywords are good for your content optimization.

Pick the one that has lots of monthly searches but low competition on market.

Categorizing keywords through your competitor URL, make your work easy.

Plus its gives you the exact keyword list in which your competitor is already ranking in a good position.

So basically, after having those keywords you can do more SEO Optimization in your blog post and you can bit your competitor in google ranking.

Element of Keyword Research.

1. Search Volume.

Search volume, target keywords, high search volume, organic search,

Search volume presents the number of count people searching the keywords in a month.

Many blogger target high search volume to thinks about again lot of organic traffic from google.

This is good, but if you are a new blogger then you should not run behind the lots of volume in my opinion.

The reason behind this ten out of eight blogger these days targeting only high search volume keywords. This means competition keeps increasing for those keywords.

Targeting high search volume can indeed get you more traffic because you might rank first on organic search and second on organic search.

But for a newbie blogger, it’s hard, hence in my opinion go with middle or low keyword volume.

Because everyone is running behind the high search volume means middle and low volume keywords are left behind with good potential of ranking.

Of course, you can choose the high search volume like 2000 visitor per month searches keyword too. If you have stab list blog and google is already trusting your blog for more and more users.

2. Search Intent.

To do the keyword research best practices, you always need to find the rich keywords that your audience usually use or type to find your blog.

Now the question comes, what are people searching for.

What are people’s intent of search? What answers the audience looking for?  What your audience is exactly typing when they are looking for any answer in google search engine.

Knowing more about your customer search need will only give you quality traffic and more email subscribers.

3. Informational.

People love informational content and if you also like to share information intent of content solves audience queries.

Here we are talking about the people who will visit your blog for just informational purposes. 

Take an example like: How to become air hostess”.

Most of the informational keyword phases get start with How, Why, What, Who, When, Where, etc.

To find these kinds of informational keywords you can use the premium keyword tool such as ahrefs.

You can also use the Answer the Public free tool to find a list of keywords related to how to become an air hostess.

Select the keyword smartly and put in your content through the right on-page optimization.

Its keyword strategy will give you more traffic and ranking position in the google search engine.

But what about if I want to make money from my blog through selling products or promote affiliate programs.

Answer is available in next point.

4. Commercial.

Most buying keywords are called commercial keywords. Which gives visitors top 5 or top 10 best product which he or she is looking for.

Normally, people search for product reviews and product comparisons on the google search engine.

Take an example: “Best Professional Laptop”.

Commercial keyword mostly covers the eCommerce product reviews. Sites review or other brand comparisons.

It usually starts with the attractive affixes words such as.

  • Best.
  • Cheap.
  • Under.
  • Review.
  • Affordable.

List post with commercial keywords intent has the potential to promote the affiliate program.

Affiliate product can optimize will well in this kind of post therefore commercial words are worth to target.

5. Transactional.

Transaction works slightly differently than commercial intent. It gives the audience a direct path for buying product or service.

So whenever audience search about the buying stuff or discount details Google SERP’s always show the same thing so that visitor and full their buying intent.

This means if you are searching on google search discount coupon for flipchart means you have intent to buy something from flipchart.

Take an example:

  • Buy PC Gaming Headset.
  • PC Gaming Headset discount codes.
  • Best Deal in Gaming Headset.

This example shows that if you are a blogger who wants to sell product to the audience then you need the keywords that have transaction intent.

After finding the keywords you have to optimize them correctly to your blog post.

Keyword Difficulty.

Keyword difficulty play a crucial role in keyword research. We know till now that keyword playas a big role in our blog to rank high and gain more traffic.

Why how to search keywords.

I have mentioned earlier, targeting high search volume keywords can indeed give you more visibility and great traffic.

But in the market, everyone is running behind that only. So these keywords are very much competitive and hard to rank.

So as I said before there is an easy way to deal with this. Which is following the Low competition keyword which does have medium search volume with low keyword difficulty too.

Low competition is getting more famous in town after introducing Long tail keywords.

Target keywords which can make your life easy rather than running behind huge volume keyword and gets nothing in terms of traffic.

It ranks well in a short time but it does require the best on-page SEO practice.

Long trail keywords have huge opportunities if you can optimize them in the right way.

Mostly it comes in question format providing an answer to that question and optimizing your page can rank on top of search results.

People like this kind of post more because it provides a direct answer to one specific question.

Chapter Three.

How to do keyword research like a Pro.

You can gain more traffic from search engines if you use these two methods. The first free method and the second is paid method.

If you have already written down lots of content to your blog still struggling for traffic. Then hold on pause your content publishing for a while and do all focuses on the keyword search.

Under the search engine optimization and customer intent.

Now let understand why you should use a free keyword tool and why premium keyword tools.

If you just a newbie blogger and do not have a budget then you can go for the keyword free tools. It has some drawbacks which I will discuss later.

But if you have the budget then differently go for the paid keyword tools. We have many best keyword research tools available in the blogging line.

Paid tools allow you to analyze your competitor’s target keywords details. 

It gives you a boost in the keyword searching process and gives you the easiest to rank keywords.

In terms of keyword difficulties and keyword density.

Before approaching the keyword tools let understand a few things more. Which makes your keyword analyzing more relevant.

If you are new to blogging these steps awesome for you.

List down the bucket on the topic of your target audience.

Such as Digital Marketing, SEO Tools, Writing Content, Marketing, etc.

After selecting the main topic check their subtopics.

Such as Digital marketing course/ Digital marketing jobs/ digital marketing strategy, etc.

Next, find out your competitor’s site and their top keyword for just getting ideas (Don’t copy all competitor keyword it will not work for you if you are new in the blogging industry).

Find the Keyword which has not been used by your competitor.

Always find seeds words while researching keywords.

Now let’s begin with keyword research tools.

Top Keyword Search tools.

Google Keyword Planner Tool.

I have ignored this tool in my beginning career but later I have used it and get impressed with their service.

Another best part that google keyword planner is totally free. Click here to your account and start your free keyword research.

google keyword planner
Sign in google keyword planner

However, this tool will ask you to make the Ad Camping’s but it’s totally up to you that you want to do that or not.

After sing up with Google Keyword Planner, you will get this page.

Click on the “Go to keyword planner” option.

Go to keyword planner

The next page will come with the three options it’s basically asking your advertising goal.

Don’t select any of these options to check down below these options you will see the small option of “Switch to Expert Mode”.

When another page will appear you have to select “Create an Account without a Camping” and then click continue.

Here, now you can explore your account and reached the option of “Tools & Setting” click on the same option.

Now you can use the great Google Keyword Planner. After clicking on the keyword planner option you will see the two major options for your keyword analyzing.

Two keyword planner option

1. Discover Site With a Website.

Click on the Discover site with a website option. It gives you the freedom to search keyword research to multiple keyword research.

Discover multiple keywords in once

It gives you the many keyword ideas with keyword search volume and CPC for that keyword.

What so ever keyword you will explore here google search planner gives you the similar keywords or related keyword to you for optimizing your post.

Two major drawbacks of google planner are that it gives you limited keyword ideas. Sometimes it’s 100 keyword ideas and sometimes even less.

Discover site with a website

A second major drawback is also not give you the exact keyword search volume number.

It gives you approx. ideas such as 10 search to 10k searches.

If you want to access the except search volume of keywords then you have to create a google ads campaign.

2. Get Search Volume & Forecast.

If I have mentioned above if you want keyword ideas you can use the discover a website option but if you already have a keyword and want to explore your available keyword then click on Get Search Volume & Forecast option.

Get Search Volume forecasts

Put your keyword in the get search volume box and click on get started.

Ubersuggest Keyword Tool.

Another best performing tool you can use for search engine optimization is Ubersuggest. The founder of this tool was Nail Patel.

Ubersuggest keyword research tool
Ubersuggest keyword research tool

A few years back it’s providing us totally free service. But now Ubersuggest tools only provide free limited features with limited searches.

Still, it is worthy because limited searches also give you the best near SEO keyword research results.

Ubersuggest keyword analyzer

You can collect the information here like:

  • Keyword Overview.
  • Keyword Ideas.
  • Content Ideas.

I have mentioned my keyword “Digital Marketing” in the box of search.

Keyword ideas by ubersuggest
Keyword ideas by ubersuggest

It’s showing me the search volume, SEO difficulties, Paid Difficulty, and CPC.

If you check a little down of the same page. You will found it shows your keyword search volume month ways too.

SEO difficulties will show by the green color if it’s easy to rank. But if it’s not showing green then it means it’s either hard or very hard. Its mark ranking between 1 to 100.

A low number is a sign of easy on and high ranking showing the difficulties.

You will find the Keyword ideas too along with their SEO difficulties and CPC.

Here you can pick your potential keywords for your blog post.

Under content ideas, you will find the top pages URL of Google SERP’s which already get rank for your finding Keywords.

Through visiting those sites you can grape some ideas for your blog. Else you can find the gaps and fill-up those through your blog for rank higher.

Keyword Search with SEMrush.

SEMrush is known as one of the worthy keyword paid tool services. In search engine optimization tool SEMruch does tremendous keyword search through that blog or website get rank.

This tool saves your ton of time and effort which you will be going to put into a free keyword research tool.

Because it has more than 800 million keyword data. Along with more than a million active users.

To get started with your SEO keyword monitoring and new keyword ideas. You have to create an account in SEMrush.

It gives you a free trial of SEMrush tool.

This tool makes your life easy for how to determine keywords for SEO.

In my starting days, I have wasted lots of time in keyword searching on free tools. It’s not that it does not work for me but still as I said it took tons of time.

After I get to start with SEMrush tools I not only get the good keywords for by blog. But I can able to produce more content as I have more free time in my hand.

When you get login into the SEmrush account. You will see the overview section under keyword analysis options.

keyword overview

Now you will see the search box in which you can find you’re the main topic in which you want popular keywords to target.

You can select the country location as per your preference too.

SEMrush helps in more ways it finds details for your blog which increases your SEO performance and traffic both.

For example, it’s under keyword suggestion you will get the other relevant details too.

Such as Keyword trend, Keyword Volume, Competition, SERP Feature, Keyword difficulties, and so on.

keyword research guide
SEMrush Keyword Research

Chapter Four.

Use Alphabet Soup.

Another wonderful strategy that gets used by pro blogger and SEO expert, to find high-value keywords in any niche.

This method is called Alphabet Soup, in this, you basically used the Google instant search tool and gets different keyword ideas.

Though Alphabet Soup you will never run of content ideas. If you use this method correctly then you can find the best keywords for SEO. Along with relevant keyword ideas.

Just visit your google page and type your main keyword. While doing that you will see the down below numbers of keyword suggestions will appear automatically.

Alphabet Soup ideas

But why those key phase areas coming automatically.

Because Google is showing you that apart from what you write. People are also searching and looking for answers for these keywords too.

Here, you will see how to find the keyword ideas by the alphabet soup method.

But can this method provide us unlimited keyword ideas?

Yeah, it can give you more fantastic keyword ideas. For that, you have to again type your keyword in google search instant.

Ending with A to Z alphabet word.

For example instant of typing just “digital marketing”. You have to type “digital marketing a” or “digital marketing b”.

Use Alphabet Soup keywords

These keywords have the ability to drive more organic traffic to your website. Because you are choosing the keywords which actually typing by the people by all over the world.

Chapter Five.

Long Tail keyword Method.

Long tail keywords are the best way to get an early start on your website. It’s famous because of low competition and easy to rank.

The basic concept of this method is that short keywords are highly competitive and as a new blogger it’s kind of impossible to rank for that.

Because your website is new in google eyes, you don’t have much or no backlinks. Plus you have low or zero domain authority.

So basically, to come in google eyes along with small traffic long tail keywords are a good way to go.

Long tail keywords look like a question phase. 4 to 5 words of question phase.

For example “How to become a Master Chef”.

                     “What are long tail keywords tips”.

                     “How to work as a business man”.  

Chapter Six.

Keyword Research Tips.

  1. Add FAQs in your posts to get more eye boles. So always add related questions. No matter your audience is coming knowledge purpose or buying purpose. Audiences always have multiple questions and thorough FAQ’s you can solve their queries to gain more trust and authority.
  2. Use Google trends to know which keywords are performing well. Google trends give you great and healthy insights about the niche you would like to cover.
  3. Analysis of competitor website. So here you have to select the top 10 or 12 websites of your industry. Check their posts and topics. Through that, you will always get tons of blog post ideas along with performing keywords.
  4. Always use related keywords and shoulder keywords in your blog. It helps your blog to rank fast and it also helps to gain organic traffic.  

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