How to Create High Quality Content 14+ Secret Techniques.

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How to Create High Quality Content.

Beginner step to create an effective blog content planning or How to create high-quality content.

Blogging is all about writing content and online business. Back decades bloggers of the blogging industry did not much focus on writing quality content.

An only number of people are following the content planning and strategies. Rest blogger is just writing content randomly with a bunch of the main keywords.

Not all bloggers show efforts to content planning and content strategies. Still, they won the google ranking because backdate google works on a different set of rules.

But now things do not work in the same way. Google ranking factors have been updated a lot. Google wants a good user experience and the best content.

So basically, writing high-quality content is very much required for any blogger. Writing the best content will only help you to get success in the blogging line.

So in blogging industry this question How to create high quality content does matter lot.

If you want to rank on google’s first page along with SEO rankings. Then you have to make the content planning. Writing quality content will increase the reader’s numbers and website growth.

First, you have to understand a few major points of content planning. Maybe you don’t know what is content planning.

Or you might have questions about how to create quality content or How to create good website content.

No worries, I have mentioned here all the required steps from start to finish. Which will gives you a strong content creation plan.

Don’t steal other contents. Don’t try to hack others’ articles. Because steeling content or writing normal content without planning maybe work few days or months.

But later it will hurt your website trust and authority.

To create good and original content. Which makes your readers keep engaging with your website and you can win readers’ trust.

If you have already written a few articles in your blog or already start a blog it’s ok. Or if you are new to blogging it’s great. In both ways, this guide will help you a lot.

Let’s start with content planning strategies and benefits for your blog.

This guide will give you an effective content plan. Through which you will be able to produce the high-quality content in few hours rather than a day.

1. Fix your Goal.

Target board and fix your goal for How to create high quality content
Fix Goal

The batter you know your audience the batter content you can serve them. Knowing about your niche idea and generating the best content ideas should be your primary goal.

Consistent blog posting on your website is very much important. If you are a newbie in blogging then it’s one of the major parts of your work.

Fix your number of posts which you are planning to publish in the next six month. Choose the content ideas which attract your target audiences.

According to your content ideas check market competition and the type of content that gets popular.

Again question comes but, how to create high quality content.

Content researching and checking competition will give you new ideas for content writing. Accomplishing your goal is not easy if you are not priorities your work step by step.

To generate the best content ideas for your blog. You can take the help of content ideas generator tools. I have used them personally and they generate for me infinite content ideas in past.

First is HubSpot blog topic generator. Amazing content ideas generator tool and easy to use.

How to create high quality content through Hubsport Idea Generator tool
Hubsport Idea Generator

Put your three nouns inbox for example “writing quality content” and you will get the week of blog topics that trend more in your niche idea.

The second is BuzzSumo. I remember when I have started my blogging career.


I always use Buzzsumo it shows me my niche-related top shares posts, top trending content, and readers engagements.

buzzsumo content analysis
buzzsumo content analysis

It eventually helps me to come up with new content ideas. Plus it makes me aware of what my competitors are doing and how they are generating traffic.

2. Market Research.

Start market research for the creation of quality content. Knowing audience need is important for your writing. If you do not analyze what your audiences are looking for then maybe writing a bunch of content will not work for you.

When a question comes “how to create great content” then you should also check your competitor’s website to know what they are doing new and trending.

After analyzing the competitor contents and target audience interest. You can come up with strong content planning. Which will stand out to you from the crowds.

Without knowing the market research and content ideas. It’s hard to serve your audience the best content for a read.

Great content meaning is providing the best experience to readers. Give them the extracted answer to the question which audience is looking for. Rather than providing a bunch of craps, it’s good to serve the actionable information.

Checking a competitor’s website not means that you start copy pasty the content. It is just good practice to know what information they have provided. And make your own content strategies for more deep and relevant information.

Use google’s free tool Google Alert for this. It makes your market research easy and simple. You can monitor the web here for interesting new content ideas.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts

3. Keyword Research.

Generate traffic make your blog famous and worthy. Writing high-quality content with the right keyword research brings us lots of traffic.

Keep up the good content also required keyword research. Correct keyword research can push your post on google’s first page based on SEO ranking facts.

Fishing keyword research
Fishing keyword research

Keyword research explains to google what is your blog post is all about and for which kind of audience it should be serving.

Through that google places your content in the right place and you get the traffic to your website.

Two types of keyword research people do. One for a small tail keyword which usually has lots of SEO difficulty and hard to rank.

The second is a long-tail keyword which usually has 3 to 4 words of phase. Long-tail keywords are easy to rank as keyword competition in the market is low.

Let me tell you my small story. When I have started the blogging backdate I research a lot about keyword research.

After 2 weeks I felt that I know which keyword should be targeted. I was pretty confident and I select the keywords which have a huge audience with medium competition.

I have written perfect long quality content too. But I was wrong I don’t get any traffic even I work hard.

My mistake is that I choose the high to medium competition keyword rather than the low competition keyword.

Second, as a new blogger it’s not only tough it’s impossible that you rank for the short tail keyword.

So I learn from my mistake and I have stop targeting short-tail keywords. And start focusing on a long-tail keyword which gives me real success in blogging.

Now how to do the keyword research. First, select the keyword which has a high search volume with low competition.

Open the Ahref keyword research tool. It will charge you 7 dollar for 7 days but it’s worthy.

Ahref keyword research tool
Ahref keyword research tool

After login into the account go to the keyword explorer write your keyword there. Such as “keyword difficulty” and it will show you the traffic potential, keyword difficulty, and keyword competition too.

Currently, Ahref also gives you free keyword generator tool access with limited keyword ideas. Along with keyword difficulty and keyword search volume results.

ahrefs free keyword tool
ahrefs free keyword tool

If you can’t afford 7 dollars for 7 days then you can use this free tool in your starting phase of blogging.

You can also use the Google Adwords Keyword Research planner tool. It’s also fine for the checking competition of most relevant keywords for your blog.

Keyword research planning plays a big role in how to create high quality content topic.

4.Learn from others resources for your blog content.

Now the next step for writing quality content is to utilize your resources in the best way. After knowing about the audience interest and low competition keyword.

You have to plan your content in the most reliable way. Remember google always keeps eye on your post. How much your post has been shared on social media?

How much time your post click by viewers. How long your content is and so on. So if your post will be more shareable on social media. Means Google also likes to rank you high.

Let us understand in this way. Take an example you have a “weight loss” blog and you have to select the keyword “right diet for summer”.

So not all information on the web page is relevant. Some are right some are not. You have to choose the best resource and you have to gather the right information.

By providing the right quantity of food portions and the right vegetables only you can make your audience happy. Good content with realistic information only wins audience trust.

But how to find the resources for content development. You have multiple options. Use Q&A site, check infographics, and visit social media like Pinterest, Facebook.

5. Quora.

The first best content resource for you is Quora. One of the top Q&A search sites. You can put your main keyword here. You will get a bunch of answers to choose the relevant one.

Quora keto diet keyword search
Quora keto diet keyword search

In Quora, you can also find your niche relate experts or influencers. Follow them and always get an update about your niche ideas.

6. Pinterest.

If you are doing blogging about food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, then Pinterest is the best place for you to find the best resources.

Many top bloggers getting thousands of visitors through Pinterest only. The young generation likes to visit social media often.

Pinterest Keyword Search
Pinterest Keyword Search

In Pinterest search your keyword for example “best fashion design”. After having the result in the infographic click on that to see the large image.

If you find it useful for you then click send and share with you and check later.

7. Youtube.

The third is Youtube second large using channel in the whole world. Check your niche topic in the youtube search box. For example “top 10 keto diet foods” and see which video is worthy and most relevant.

Take ideas from that see what new they did and what opportunity you have on same.

Youtube keyword search
Youtube keyword search

If a video inspires you a lot then you can also attach that video to your article (don’t forget to give credit to that influencer).

It will amaze your audience to have extra information with prof.

8. Add your own knowledge and experience.

Google has daily lakhs of post stories online publish. No matter what niche ideas you have to choose competition is always there.

Then, how to create high quality content along with catchy eyes titles.

Now idea is give something new or original to your readers which will make your post viral. I always suggest making your own recipe.

For example. You have a food blog you have to write great content about “Roasted Grape Salad”.

Now be creative with your post title. Don’t copy and paste the same post title which has been posted by the top once.

Write some catchy eyes title that attracts readers. Such as.

Title 1: Roasted Grape Salad Expectations Vs Reality.

Title 2: Will Roasted Grape Salad Ever Rule the World.

Title 3: The Next Big Thing in Roasted Grape Salad.

Title 4: Roasted Grape Salad Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters.

Title 5: This Week’s Top Stories About Roasted Grape Salad.

Title 6: The 7 Step Needed For Putting Roasted Grape Salad into Action.

Make your post title appalling and short. I have given 6 different awesome title options which stand out from the crowd.

You can use the tool Headlines Share through for checking your title applying score.

content title strengths checker
Content title strengths checker

If you are not able to come up with a catchy title on your own. It’s totally fine you can use the tool SeoPressor.Com for the blog title generator.

Another best tool you can go within for again blog title generator.

Content title generator for blog
Content title generator for blog

This free tools make your life easy for blogging.

Next, you can do that you can add your experience, survey information, knowledge guide in your blog post.

Means might be your blog niche is your hobby. Or you have started a blog in which you have few years of work experience.

Then you may have some of your own personal tricks or guide. Share that with your readers.

Your work experience makes your post automatically different from others with a unique point. 

Remember little things can generate huge traffic to your blog.

9. Think from a reader’s perspective.

If you are not much sure what really your audience wants. Then first research your topic. Analyze what customer really want.

What are customer needs, pain points, buying habits, challenges, and wants? Give them all information regarding niche topics.

Dnt try to sell product to customer. Customer can buy the product from anywhere. So it’s not a right way to give service.

Understand the readers needs give as much as deep information you can. Guide them right way of using product and right step to choose product.

Build the trust and behave with them as your family. And if you love your readers as your own then they will return the same.

10. Create your content outline.

After research for your content planning. Now the time comes that you crest your post outline.

Content strategies say first you have to create the post outline in subtopics. You can do the necessary changes later too if you want.

But making an outline basically sets your mind for the writing content without any confusion.

In another word fixing you goal for your post.

It totally up to you where you want to build your rough outline. Many bloggers use google docs or Word.

I have found an amazing website content planning tool name WorkFlowy. You can zoom in and expand the chat.

Sign up for Workflowy design
Sign up for Workflowy design

Take an example for creating outline:

First, Write Catchy Eye Title.

Second, Point to point promising intro of a post.

Third, write down the subtitles which you are going to cover.

Four: Give Example or story to the customer if required to let understand in a better way.

Five, Mention takeaways like other resources link, info-graphics, and videos.                                                                                                                                          

11. Related Keyword or LSI Keywords.

Reputing main keyword in your post can harm your ranking and traffic, Infect using your main keyword multiple time make readers bored and irritating.

So what is the solution? You can use the Latent Semantics Index-Based keyword. Short-form LSI keywords.

Small but main components of a blog. LSI words actually words that relate to your main keywords. You can also call substitutions.

LSI Keyword generate by LSIGraph
LSI Keyword generate by LSIGraph

Take an example: your main keyword is “Chicken curry” or “Keto diet”.

So, you can add the LSI keyword in your post like “Keto diet plan” and “what is keto diet”.

LSIGraph Keyword Research for keto diet
LSIGraph Keyword Research for keto diet

This means indirectly you are avoiding redundancy.

It helps your post to rank higher on google. You can use the tool to find the most relevant LSI keyword for your main keyword.

LSIGraph also show you top website links which already ranking for your main keyword.

12. Write Eye-Catching Title.

Many random surveys by MOZ and Backlinko show that readers click on the post which has an impressive headline.

Moz blog post regarding title worthy or not
Moz blog post regarding title worthy or not

Catching reader attention is not easy. As I have mentioned above catch title is very important, but why.

Survey says 18 out of 20 people read the headline. Only 2% read the actual post. Therefore make an awesome headline.

It will improve your conversion rate.

Take an example for how to create high quality content:

If your post is ranking on the first page in google, but have in 3rd position.

You have changed your post title and make it more awesome. Later people are starting to click your post link more because of the great title.

 Now Google is going to push your post a little up might be in 1st position on the first page. Automatically your traffic goes double.

Why this happens, why google did that. Because google saw that people are clicking your post title more, means differently you are doing something right.

Strange but small changes can boost your website traffic.

13. Use Snippets Optimization. (Table content).

After knowing bit about how to create great content. Now I will let you know the new content strategy temple.

It’s called snippets optimization. Google loves this content creation and by adding snippets in your blog post. You can make more high quality or high quality.

But what is exactly snippets optimization?

Type anything in google like “best SEO Tips”. Down below you will get the tiny multiple question box with an answer.

Moz post snippet optimization
Moz post snippet optimization

Those small boxes give you the direct answer to the question in 40 to 50 words. After having the answer audience don’t want to click on the post URL and they went back.

Snippets optimization turns your post into the best online article. Write content that matters to the audience.

How can you do this optimization in your blog post? Find the top 5 questions related to your main keyword.

Write down a short and pointed answer to that question. Don’t write more than 40 to 50 words.

You can add this table content in your post after the introduction of the topic. It boosts your content quality.

It gives a signal to the google that you are doing something extra.

14. Provide worthy resources and provide the link.

Newbie blogger struggle more in starting phase. Reason first they are still learning blogging. Second, they cannot build trust with the customer.

Content creation for the business does not work anymore. Building trust matter more. How to do that, why anyone trusts you as you have no experience with the product or service.

So here you have to provide worthy resources to your customers. In your content material link some other top resources to give readers proof.

Take an example.

I have one travel blog and I have selected five top travel Pro bloggers.

Now while writing an article I have linked some of their top videos and twits in my post related to the same topic.

It’s making my post worthy as I have attached some real examples with pro blogger website links or videos.

Through this, you are also making an indirectly healthy relationship with your other pro bloggers.

Slowly customers will show trust and love to your website too. As you are delivering worthy content. You will also gain high-quality readers too.

15. Images and Snapshots.

You can present your written content through the different content form too. Such as:

  • Images.
  • Snapshots.
  • Chats.
  • Info-graphic.
  • Video.

People have different teats of learning. Few like the text word and few like the Images.

Take an example, in the world book with images sold more as compare without images. Same work on your website.

Images and Memes make your post appealing. It also enhances your content size. Customers stay more on your website page. Which gives a signal to Google that you are providing something worthy to the customer.

To add images and videos in your post. Most bloggers only add one image to their blog post. It’s five to add one image.

Use popular snapshot tools like Jing or Awesome Snapshot for the best experience.

Awesom Screenshot website home page
Awesome Screenshot website home page

But in my opinion, try to add at least two to three images in your post. Images or infographics illustrate your point and enhance the customer experience.

snagit capture and recoring website home page
Snagit capture and recording website home page

16. Make Engaging Content.

Best content strategies are also called that you have to create engaging content. Give all possible reasons to customers to read your full post.

How can you make your post engaging?

Here are my steps which I always follow and I am sure many pro bloggers also do the same.

First, identify the problem.

Understand the audience problem related to the topic. And let them know in the introduction section that how a problem can cause them with real examples.

Second, after promising introduction regarding the problem and its cause. Now you have to let your audience know how they will get the solution to his problem in your rest blog.

Show them what key ranking factors you have in your post. Serve the audience with more actionable tips and tricks rather than just writing.

Third, tell stories and small examples to your customer. To understand things in a better way. Small stories can make big difference in your blog post.

Forth, write small sentences and paragraphs. As I have mentioned above write actionable and short sentences gives an instant result to readers.

Long paragraphs make readers confused. Small words make people sticky.

Readers mostly lost interest. So break down the sentences into small paragraphs.

Fifth, you can add the table of the content as an introduction. Which good for the customers to know the overview of the post.

Few people like to see a table of summarizing. To just get an idea that why exactly the details and solution he is going to receive.

So it’s not a mandatory part. If you feel that your post is quite long. Then you can add the table of content to your blog post.

In my opinion, Easy Table of Content is a good WordPress plugin you can try.

Easy table of contents plugin
Easy table of contents plugin

17. Editing plan.

I always keep my content for edit before publishing. Consistency with a daily writing schedule is good for great content.

However, after writing the content editing them for the best reader experience is also a part of the content creation strategy.

Remember just like you know how to research for content writing. You have to fix your time for editing content for error-free content.

Make sure your readers will not face grammar and spelling mistakes in your article content.

Use spelling check free tools like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor for the same.

Grammarly tool for spelling error
Grammarly tool for spelling error.

Only focus on delivering valuable content to your audience. Make sure your reader will get the message through your subtitle topics.

It saves the target audience time and readers will feel more quires to know about the topic.

After editing read the content twice aloud. So that you will see the mistakes if any are left.

Plus through this, you will get the self-check. That you readers are getting the clear tone and structured well quality content or not. 

 Focus if any phase of the line does not provide much value to your readers. Then let that remove because online content creation work well with valuable lines.

18. Publishing Planning.

Now times come to publish content to your website. Do not public the content in rush. One bad experience to readers can let them away from your website.

So make sure before publishing you check the content structure or editorial calendar. Cross-check video and resources link has been attached correctly.

Do check your URL phase should be right and match your main keyword.

Check, is this your published content is better enough to bit other available content on the webs page.

Building content in high quality is not only about writing an original article. It’s also about the correct right portion of information. Right content creation, error-free content (grammar and spelling).

Each great publish content can give your website ranking on google, increasing conversions, improving brand awareness, and increasing customer engagement.

How to create high quality content question now will be easier for you after following all above steps, I guess.

One more point I would like to add for you which is marketing plan.

19. Marketing Plan.

Let know how to do the content marketing approach to receive tons of traffic. Building content through content planning differently makes your content worthy to read and share.

Still content marketing strategy it’s always a good idea to attract your target audience. 70% of youth are available on social media these days.

In the future, it counts going to be increasingly more. So share content on social media increases your brand awareness to the audience.

Promoting your content on social media is totally worthy. Billions of people find their interest-related topics on their social page.

Remember content marketing business is not about dropping a link on social media. I have done this mistake.

When I have started a blog. I trough dropping content links with few impressive words will be enough to attract readers.

But I was wrong, I have not got much traffic. Then I read all about content marketing and planning.

Strategy I:

One simple trick for you to do a content marketing approach. Put one question in front of your audience. Ask them to give their opinion or the best answer they can give.

Encourage the discussion in a good way and last drop your post link for the nice interaction.

Strategy II:

Another best way to do content marketing is. Ask your social media member to put any question related to your niche ideas.

Engage the audience with healthy discussion. Later you can refer the target audience to your post page for more reformation.

Build a healthy relationship with your audience and follow the content promotion plan.

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