How Can I Make Money From My Blog [9 Ways Earn Money].

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In 2014 question comes in my mind how can I make money from my blog.

And because this thought comes to my mind, I am able to start my earning and make my career in blogging line.

Starting journey, of my blogging is not easy not every site is successful because of lake of knowledge. But through building sites, I learned and used lots of monetization ideas and programs.

Which later increase my earning and confidence.

Most bloggers say if you choose the right niche, you will able to earn money from blog. I don’t believe that, yes right niche selection is important.

If we talk about niche competition and keyword difficulties.

But when it comes to monetization right kind of efforts are important. Understanding the reader’s needs and their importance’s.

Almost all niches can give you the earning if you monetize them wisely and the right way.

If you are giving value and knowledge to your audiences.

Then readers will surlily trust your opinion they will come back to your site again and again and regarding their needs, they will take the interest in your products or services.

Hence, I have mentioned below possible ways of monetization for your blog through which you can earn money from blog.

1. Ad Revenue (Google Absence).

As a beginner blogger or stable one make money blogging through ad revenue is quite easy to work.

However, if you want to make serious money by ad revenue, then you need decent traffic on your side.

This means, do blogging gets paid and right posts regularly.

Blogging for beginners is always get profitable when they put ads on their blog. Not every blogger has the mindset to do affiliate marketing.

Create your blogs to make money from ads are the best way to earn money from home.

Many bloggers in starting have confusion about where to start their earning. Which earning platform is suited to their niche and how to make money blogging?

The answer is simple if you have a good amount of traffic just go for Google absence or other ads network.

Not every side is easy to monetize by affiliate marketing. There are multiple websites out there that receive tons of traffic but do not have many affiliate programs to run.

Such as food recipes, fashion, etc. So, in this kind of blogger have a question that how to earn money from blog. Then it’s easy just put ads on your pages.

We have multiple ads network in which you can apply for your blog like:

  • Google AdSense.
  • Media.Net.
  • Propeller ADS.
  • Ezoic.
  • RevContent.
  • Others.

In all ad’s networks, Google AdSense is the best way to earn money online. Because Google has the big data and knows how to serve ads to audiences as per their interest and needs.

But remember to get monetize your blog by ads and earn money from a blog like this need huge traffic in your blog.

If you have traffic then Google AdSense is the best blogging platform to make money.

How to make money blogging for beginners? Google pays you when you post page ads click by the audience. CTR and earning per click will always vary as per your traffic and blog niche.

If you have a plan to puts ads in your blog post. Then you should know that if you get traffic from the US/UK/Canada.

Then your earning per click will be better as compared to few other counties such as India or Asia side.

How can I make money from my blog by putting profitable keywords? It’s important that you should target high CPC keywords to make your blog the best-earning website.

Through varies best keywords tools you can choose the high CPC keywords.

All over the world, many bloggers choose google AdSense as their monetization methods.

How much do bloggers earn through Google AdSense, it totally depends on your keyword competition and CPC. Getting paid by ads is totally a traffic game as much as traffic as much as earning.

target keywords with CPC
target keywords with CPC

Ads networks provide few 100 dollars to bloggers sides if blogger has around 1000 to 1500 users in their blog per day (it’s a just an example).

2. Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to know the ways to get rich then do affiliate marketing. How can I make money from my blog best way to choose affiliate marketing?

This basically, you promote the product of other brands and through the commission, you can build your passive income stream.

Affiliate products commission can be high or medium its totally depend on your blog niche along with post ideas.

Many bloggers admitted that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income from blogging.

Affiliate marketing gives you the unlimited way to make money blogging as a beginner or as a pro blogger.

My best opinion is that if your niche allows then use both affiliate marketing and ad revenue.

I had a great experience in both ways. I did earn with ad revenue but my big chunk of money comes through affiliate marketing only.

To get a good start in your affiliate earnings. You should start choose your niche idea very wisely.

Recommending a product or promoting affiliate products only possible if you have physical products or digital products website or blog.

Such as Amazon Associates, Communion Junction, Clickbank, Impact, ShareAsale, Ebooks, Softwares, Membership sites, etc.

skin care affiliate program
skin care affiliate program

We have a ton of affiliate programs in the market which you can choose according to your niche.

Pat Flynn is the best example of a successful affiliate marketing stream. He always opens up within income through affiliate marketing.

He does multiple things such as podcasts, books, courses, and niche sites. And all this makes for him 70% of affiliate earning and the rest 30% of the income he did by ad revenues.

Down below you can see the earning proof of Pat Flynn.

Pat Flynn income reports
Pat Flynn income reports

Ryan Robinson is another example that always shows their affiliate earning and that shows that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online too.

Every affiliate program has its commission structure list, you can check that to get clear about the product which you want to promote and how much you can earn from that.

For example, the amazon commission structure list mention below.

amazon commission structure
amazon commission structure

3. Selling Products.

How can I make money from my blog by selling products? Two types of selling option is available.

  • Digital Products.
  • Physical Product.

Let’s understand how to make money through a physical product. In this, you have to start a blog for dropshipping or eCommerce.

It could be possible that you can sell your own product directly or your product is already handling by great vendors such as amazon.

Another best way to get earn by blogging for money is a digital product. The audience always gets attract and likes digital products.

Such as ebooks, software, checklist, tools, apps, etc.

The digital product gives instant access to the buyers which makes this business successful with customer satisfaction.

Along with blogger because blogger also gets paid instantly because of many payment gateways.

You can earn money from a blog if you are into selling products. Top of a blogger doing that every year and getting paid by just selling products online.

But selling products differently required programming skills or personal interest. If you don’t have then you should hire some freelancer person who did this work for you.

You can choose a platform like Fiverr or Upwork for the same.

Many bloggers out there do not have their own products, but they have problem-solving skills.

And through solving the audience’s problem they also get the chance to recommend the best product of the market.

This helps audiences and the right blogging niche gives earning to that blogger too.

The best example you can take of Spencer Haws from Niche PursuitsHe has umbers of software apps other plugin services which helps a customer in many ways.

And through helping their audience Spencer Haws also earns a good amount of money.

4. Coaching & Training.

Another option in how to make money blogging guide is to sell online courses. You can sell your training course on your blog.

It’s the best way to make money blogging since now. Any blogger who wants to generate earn passive income can choose this path.

Your site audiences already have certain expectations from you as they are gathering information by your blog.

Hence, providing training courses or selling online courses will differently going to help them to know you better and get more trust in your blog brand.

Selling course is a huge marketing processor according to the eLearning market. A pro blogger like Derek Halpern and Brain Dean earns money blogging while selling online courses.

How to monetize WordPress blog with selling courses. Just check your audience’s favorite post or top views post of your blog.

You can do that through the analytics page or google search console.

Through checking that understand the audience’s needs. Else you can also check this through an audience survey or ask questions to your existing subscribers.

Make blueprint training courses related to that topic. Provide the advanced stuff which helps your audience to have amazing sources.

Differently, people going to buy your course if you will genuinely provide the best-advanced stuff.

Use buyer intent keywords, research more and more about a topic, do experiments and come up with the right ideas which actually work.

Target keywords with bid details
Target keywords with bid details

Note: Don’t sell the fluff stuff to your target audiences, through doing that maybe you will earn one big amount. But you will lose customer trust forever.

So don’t give fluff staff. Gives them a genuine reason to buy your course online.

Understand the market of your selling course. Be updated about new upcoming and scale up your training course.

You can also take a look at the Ramit Sethi secrets tips in which he shares for how to create and sell online courses.

Another best example of selling products through blogging is Authority Hacker. They are my personal favorite they provide awesome tips in their prod cast too.

Plus they also teach how to do online business. Authority hacker not only shares their experiences but also suggest what actually work in online content marketing and blogging.

You can also share or upload your online course on other platforms and get paid for it. Such as Udemy or Teachable.

5. Sponsored Advertisements.

Make money blogging also possible through Sponsored posts or paid reviews. Many sponsored advertisers send you email or direct contact for the same.

But why and how it works, basically sponsored advertisers what’s to show their brand ads on your site.

Do in that you can make money blogging for beginners, but for this method, your site should require enough traffic.

Another way you can post the other blog owners’ posts in your blog and get paid for it.

 It helps other bloggers to grow their blogs in the market. Sometimes many bloggers get the backlink or link back to their website too.

You can do the product review for an advertiser and get paid for it.

After how can I make money from my blog by sponsor ads next question comes. How much you can make, so most blogger makes $100 to $1000 for every sponsored post.

It depends on your niche platform, your traffic, your site authority, and competition.

Note: Always choose and allow relevant sponsored posts and review for a product which totally relates to your niche. Don’t do or accept irrelevant sponsored posts or ads.

Usually, when your site will grow as a blogger you will receive tons of emails regarding advertising.

That time dot chooses the wrong advertisers else it will damage your site reputation plus your audiences get annoying because of that.

6. Offer Services or Consulting.

The next best monetize WordPress blog is to offer services or providing consulting. This means you can offer the services to the audiences-related niche site you have.

For example, just imagine you have a side of Personal Finance. Then you can offer the services regarding the same like:

  • Check balance of checkbook.
  • Check Today Best Market Investment.
  • Top Obtain Funds.
  • Apply for Taxes.
  • Etc.

Remember only provides the services which your audiences are really looking for. So, first, understand your audiences and their needs.

To understand that in deep you can do the survey or you can ask for feedback. Analyze the data take time to understand the best service for them and start adding that to your site.

You can showcase your product on your landing page or blog planner.

Later way check which service is working for customer or which one is falling. If it’s required then remove the failure of one service. Offering services required experiments and through experiments, you will understand your readers more.

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