5+ Blog Niche Ideas for Your Blog. Easy To Start.

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Blog Niche.

How To Choose a Profitable Niche or Topic for Your Blog.

It’s happened with all the beginner bloggers. Making a blog and earning money from it sound good but what to write about.

How to figure out what to blog about. Blog niche ideas matter a lot in your blogging career.

Technical work or technique is very important to find your blog niche. Maybe you have hundreds of niche ideas or might not have a single one. Straggling in how to choose a blog niche seems very natural.

In this guide, you will get all step-by-step ideas on how you can determine your profitable blog niche. The guide will be going to make your task easy and profitable.

Before finding the blog niche it’s important to understand, “what is a blog niche”.

Let start.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is basically is one particular topic or portion in which your content is all about. You specialized topic in which you have interest and passion.

Blog niche example, just imagine you have an interest in the “health” area and you specialize in the “weight loss niche”.

Then you can provide the content regarding your weight loss niche. How to choose the blog niche is a perfect question and it’s good to have.

Because if you begin your blogging career without blog niche analysis than latter you might face failure in this industry.

To establish customer trust and proper customer certification it’s important that you stick with your niche area and don’t change the topic after 50 posts.

Why Your Blog Need A Niche?

To achieve the right numbers of audience board. For not get stuck with a highly competitive niche.

Means don’t choose the niche in which many other top bloggers and companies are already established and hard to outrank for traffic.

The blog needs a perfect niche that can fulfill the customer needs with good sales potential. Right niche only can give you the search engine ranking and traffic in your blog.

Many bloggers say that write about your favorite topics and matters. Its true writing blog is like sharing your own knowledge and interest. But in my opinion is not right in all ways.

You are writing content and choose the profitable niche to build the audience’s attention.

So, it’s important that audiences also have the same interest as you. Or audience already finding the answer to some question and you turn up with a perfect answer, so audiences like your content and start reading about it.

Commonly, your every post cannot be able to impress the audience. But if you provide the exact content which audiences already looking for, then definitely you will grow the audience’s pretty fast in your blog.

Sticking with one blog niche will mostly convent the readers to come again and again in your blog only to get more information regarding the same topic. Because targeting a niche-based audience is only going to be profitable for you in the future.

If you have still confusion then see, Why Blog need a niche in short.

  • To get the attention of specific audiences who have the reason to come back to your blog again and again.
  • It helps you do the right and better monetization. Because you know the audience’s need and interest without any confusion.
  • Writing about different topics every day will not get the audience stability and security. Plus after reading one article reader not able to push own self to visit another post which is bad for your blog.
  • Continuously posting about one topic also make your improve in SEO and search engine.
  • Your blog topic also helps you to build a strong social media platform. This could be impossible without a specific niche idea too.

Now, How To Pick a Blog Niche or Brainstorms Ideas.

Brainstorms Ideas for blog niche 1

1. Choose Profitable Blog Niche Ideas.

Why you want a profitable niche idea. Definitely, because we all want a blog that can give the profile and value.

Running behind the traffic will not give you a profitable niche idea. If you want to know what is perfect niche is available for a blog. Then you should need to do the market research.

Understanding the core market will automatically give you a good niche idea. Some niche brings lots of traffic like movie download sites and wallpaper download site.

But not have a huge profit potential.

Some niches are looking popular in the market board but still not that much profitable niche again.

Right research is important. Let see how you can do that:

2. Find Right Audience.

Find Right Audience.
Find Right Audience

Choosing any topic and writing anything will not going to bring audiences. Because you are not specific.

Targeting the audiences which are huge like “food” might be not fruitful for you.

But if you go a little deep down and find a group of audiences which only looking for the answer to the question “how to cook the butter chicken” will have more potential to bring traffic.

It’s also called micro niche blogs. Another niche example might be you are helping your friends for setting up the music system and sound system. You are knowledgeable and experienced in it.

Then why not you start helping other peoples too. In the same specific topic. It gives you the targeted readers which also want the resolution regarding their music system or sound system.

Might be you are thinking many people can able to do this stuff on their own. But it’s not true, like your friend they don’t know.

Therefore right research of niche is important.

If still confused then I recommend to do check these steps:

Choose Profitable Niche.
Choose Profitable Niche
  • First, write down your niche in which you have an interest or you may consider for your blogging. Such as marketing, health, traveling, fashion, golf, traveling.
  • Then check in more you have interest cut the rest idea off. After finalizing two of three niche idea check subtopics of that, and micro-niche idea in which you have knowledge
  • You can also choose the niche idea from your hobbies or past experiences. For example, might be you are past job experience in digital marketing or gardening.
  • You know the deep down of secrets and his problems and resolutions. Then you can pick that topic and can make a blog about it.
  • Check the list of popular blog niches and find where you can relate yourself and gain more knowledge about it. Few popular lists of niche ideas are.
  1. Personal finance.
  2. Dating & relationships.
  3. Beauty and fashion.
  4. Technology.
  5. Fitness.
  6. Home Décor.

How to Cross-Check or Validate Your Blog Niche.

Validate Your Blog Niche.
Validate Your Blog Niche.

At least have 50 post ideas.

No matter how many good niche ideas you have chosen. Consistencies of regular blog posting matter a lot.

Let understand this topic in this way. Might be you like some website information or story.

And you are visiting the website every day to just knowing new and exciting things.

But after few days if you are not getting the new article or post. Your mind will get district easily.

In this situation, the audience means you will lose interest in the website. And traffic to that website will go down slowly.

So ideally, no matter how much less competition blog niches idea you have. Or no matter how favorite niche ideas you have chosen.

Gaining an audience account is one part and keep them stick with your website is another things.

Let’s face the reality.

100 and 1000 of bloggers are blogging every day. New bloggers always start their blogs with good numbers of a post.

In starting you are posting maybe 2 blog posts every day.

After few months you are posting 1 blog post in a day.

Later you are posting 2 blog posts in a week.

And slowly you count goes down and you are posting 2 blog post in a month.

This work of scenario is very common. But, why it happens. The reason could be anything.

For example, maybe you are not getting more topics for your niche idea.

Maybe you are losing your interest because you are not seen the traffic which you expect.

Competition in the market is very high. No matter how less competition niche idea you have. Consistencies of regular posting are required.

Let me tell you how you can do that.

Do the soul search of your niche idea. Right down 80+ niche idea topics. Find all possible topics which relate to your niche idea.

Explore yourself and see what extra and what more you can provide to your audience.

If you can find 80+ more niche topic ideas that means it’s worth it to go with that niche idea.

Writing continuously for your blog is not easy. It requires hard work and strong disciple. So if you are getting bore for continuously writing.

Or because of the full-time job you are not able to find the time, then you can hire the writer for your blog.

Check the Size of Potential Niche.

Size Of Potential Niche.
Size of Potential

How much audience potential you have for your blog. Are there other people in there who want to read your post?

Many newbie bloggers always did these mistakes. Without checking the audience interest or core market search they star the blogging in their favorite topics.

Later when they are not getting any audience. They think that blogging is not working for him/them.

It’s not true writing on your favorite topic is fine. But if your favorite topic does not have traffic potential and does not have to earn potential then it’s a total waste of time.

Remember one thing most google searchers are always looking for the answer to questions.

So providing service in which you are providing resolution of any question will be the right way to gain organic traffic.

You should choose the niche idea which size (customer potential) should not be more or less. Now the question comes how you will find the same. No worries.

Take an example,

You have chosen the blog niche “weight loss” which has a huge audience potential. Means lots of market competition and SEO difficulty.

It will take a long time to rank on google. Plus it’s impossible to stand out in front of those websites that already rank at the top.

So what to do. You should deep down in your niche idea to weight loss exercise, weight loss diet chart, weight loss drinks, or weight loss foods. Exploring ideas like this is called micro niche ideas.

Select smaller micro-niche ideas with low competition and target audience. It’s good to have 50,000 monthly searches of your top keywords.

To know about your micro-niche ideas. You can visit google.com in the search box type your niche idea keyword such as weight loss.

Down below you will see the google auto-response of lots of other related topics or micro-niche topics regarding your weight loss niche.

After choosing the keywords. Use the free keyword tool Keywordsheeter.com or you can use paid keyword tools like semrush to analyze the keyword competition and SEO Difficulty.

To check the searches volume of the selected topics you can use free tools such as WordTracker or Search.io.

Potential of Monetization.

Potential Of Monetization.
Of Monetization.

Thousands of bloggers began blogging just as a hobby or sharing their experience. One serve shows that in every 1000 bloggers only 60% can earn money from blogs.

The reason could be many. Some choose the niche idea that does not have the potential of monetization.

Take an example, you have writing the blog for students and soon add the 500 bucks online teaching course for them.

But for a student 500 bucks is very difficult to give. So here your monetization is wrong. Only the right monetization of potential can give you the earning.

You might have seen lots of Amazon review websites, Click Bank Product review websites, and more.

They are basically providing the product-related information that the customer actually wants. And just because they satisficed the customer they get the sales too.

So before finalizing the niche topic it’s good to know the potential of monetization. See the target audience you have selected is able to spend the money or not.

Remember website with huge traffic is not the key to blogging earning. A website with the right monetization is actually given you the success in blogging line. 

Niche Long Term Potential.

Few people will guide you that run behind the trending topic. Topics that have huge potential and demand in the market. Such as event management, news updates, Bollywood/Hollywood news, and so on.

Yes, it’s right that it has a huge demand in daily basics. But if you will not able to keep up with these topics on daily basis then you will be gone from the google rank.

Trending niche topic always needs your attention and new posts. However, if you go with an evergreen topic such as tourism and travel, health care, finance, cooking.

Then your life will be much easier. Plus niche ideas have long-term potential. Plus these topics not required regular updates or new news every day.

By using the Google Trend tool you can check and compare the topics searching trend.

Five Profitable Blog Niche Ideas With Examples.

But what are the real blog niche that makes money? This means in this section you will get the most profitable blog niches.

Down below you will see the top bogging niches topics, through which you can gain the audiences and money both.

Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas.

The Three Core Markets.
Top Three Core Market.

Personal Finance.

Lots of people around the world need personal finance helps and need. Everyone wants to save money, secure money, need saving advice for the future.

And a huge number of the audience also not hesitate to invest money in this. Because the Personal finance niche shows the value of the topic and ideas.

As personal finance has huge competition on the market. It’s good to explore the niche ideas to see which niche topic is easy to target.

Which one has low SEO competition and paid difficulties. I have mentioned the few microblog niche for you.

Top Micro Niche Topics in Personal Finance:

Explore Niche ideas
Explore Niche Idea
  • Money Saving tips.
  • Market Tips.
  • Student’s loans.
  • Cost Cutting Tips.
  • Best Index Funds.
  • Debt Relief.
  • Credit Scores.

This money making niche site can be easily monetized by the affiliate marketing, data selling services, product selecting or ads.

Health and Fitness.

The second huge profitable niche topic is health and fitness. It has a huge potential of an audience and money profit.

People are becoming more health concuss. Plus they like to research the health tip or fitness tips on their own.

Because of time shortage, people avoid visiting gyms and doctors. For small trices and exercise, they like to learn on their own.

The audience of this kind of interest makes this niche profitable.

Maybe lots of bloggers will tell you to not to work in this niche. But in my opinion, you should do. But you have to find the less competitive main keyword or micro niche for blogging success.

Check our audience’s general interest and demand. What question they have most regarding your niche. See where and in which niche topics you can give the extra information and boost.

Now I think you get the idea of how to choose the profitable niche. I have analyzed and mentioned health and fitness-related few micro niche ideas for you.

Top Micro Niche Topics in Health & Fitness:

  • Raw Food (Particular Diet).
  • Keto Diet.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Herbal Remedies.
  • Weight Lifting tips.
  • Types of Exercise.
  • Healing Arts.
  • Hair Care.
  • Eyes Care.
  • Scene Care.

You can monetize health and fitness websites in many ways. Such as physical products, affiliate marketing, E-books, coaching, supplements, ads, etc.


Fashion is the third most popular blogging niche we have in the market. The fashion niche best part is that you can promote posts regarding this niche on many platforms.

Few popular social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Usually, not all blog niches can be promoted like fashion ones.

Many top fashion bloggers getting their 80% traffic only from social media sites. Young youth are more active on social media. And social media influent the audience very easily.

Fashion-related news and trends of fashion become one of the needs of the people. Not only women fashion bloggers. But men fashion bloggers also build a successful blog in the fashion industry.

The fashion industry always has hot topics for blogging. Hence, because of trending topics, the fashion blog niche also has huge numbers of audiences and earning opportunities.

Now, as I have mentioned above huge audience niche topic will be very competitive and difficult. So narrow down the blog niche and let’s find the easy micro-niche topics in the fashion industry.

  1. Luxury Fashion.
  2. Local Designers.
  3. Ethical style.
  4. Mass Market Faison.
  5. Women Shoes.
  6. Jewelry and Accessories.
  7. Eyewear.
  8. Men’s Shoes.
  9. Runway Trends.
  10. Independent Designers.
  11. Denim DIY.
  12. Crafting DIY.

Next how to start making money from your fashion blog. How to monetize the fashion blog. The answer is very simple you can monetize your fashion niche blog through Displaying google ads, affiliate marketing, brand promotions, etc.


A fourth popular niche of the blogging industry. Because of the variety of travel niche topics thousands of bloggers able to build a successful blog.

Sharing your own traveling experience with affiliate links such as hotel packages, travel buses, restaurant discount, and discount coupons give the opportunity of extra earning.

People search lot about the travel place and best place to visit. By given them the place photos and reviews you are helping them for making a decision.

You can start a travel blog with many micro niche ideas. Such as local travel place and Country travel place.

Most Profitable Micro niche Ideas for Travel bloggers.

  1. Bikes.
  2. Boats.
  3. Cat Tourism.
  4. Weekend Trips.
  5. Adventure travel.
  6. Party Tourism.
  7. Business Travel.
  8. Geolocation.
  9. Travelers with pets.
  10. Mountaineering.

Now let see how can make money from your travel blog. So you can accept the sponsorship, advertisements, affiliate marketing, YouTube travel Vlogger, etc.


The fifth in the lifestyle niche in blogging. If you know then only think to build a blog about this niche idea.

Lifestyle blogs cover lots of areas such as fashion, food, jewelers, travel, and beauty, and so on.

Lifestyle blog can be amid the fixed age person. For example, you have chosen the fashion lifestyle blog ideas. And the age limit for a target audience is between 20 years to 40 years.

You have lots of lifestyle blog niches, but make sure you have selected the micro-niche in which you have daily blog topics to write about.

Most Profitable Micro niche Ideas for Lifestyle bloggers.

  1. Fitness.
  2. Music.
  3. Style.
  4. Food.
  5. Fashion.
  6. Travel.
  7. Beauty.

Food & Recipes.

In all over the world, people love to eat. Many people also crazy about cooking food. Blog about food is the most selecting niche because it has huge audience potential.

Sharing your food recipes with people and sharing food photos with your audience is a common task of this niche idea.

If you find the specific area in which demand is high, but results are low then chances it’s there that you can make the successful food blog as well.

Finding your blogging niche can be hard. If you don’t know where to start with and which one is a profitable blog.

Choosing the perfect niche is not only the game. Writing hot topics for blogging or trending topics to blog is playing a big role.

If you will not provide the taste food recipes and short time food recipes to your audience. Then it’s natural that they will find another website to follow.

Top Micro Niche Topics in Food & Recipes.

  • Organic Food.
  • Sea Foods.
  • Desserts.
  • Paleo Foods.
  • Food for Weight loss.
  • Food for Diabetes.
  • Children Food.
  • Budget Friendly Meals.
  • Tai Cuisine.
  • Mexican Food.
  • Indian Food.

Why Choose One Blog Niche Instead of Multiple Topics.

Many new bloggers always did this mistake. That they think that they can write about multiple topics. They don’t want to stick with one topic because they feel multiple topics can generate more audience.

So here ideally we have two scenarios. If you are writing a blog only for writing purposes and do not have any plan to make money from that then it’s ok to go with multiple topics.

But if you are writing a blog and have the plan to make money later from those websites then multiple topics of category would be a bad idea.

Writing one day about the fashion industry and the second day about the photography industry will not give you the target audience.

Blog categories ideas will work for a huge industry that has 100 employees to write posts about each category every day.

But as a single author, you cannot do that. Plus if you want to make money from blogging then you have taken the business approach and need to work for the target audience.

For Examples.

Blog: MOZ (Write about Search Engine Optimizations).

Blog: Backlinko (Write about Search Engine Optimization & internet marketing).

Major Points Why Multiple Topics Are Not Good For Blogging.

  • For multiple niches, you have to find multiple trending topics every day.
  • Multiple blog topics need SEO for each of the niche categories.
  • Because of multiple blog niches you will not able to make the relationship with the readers.
  • Multiple blog topics are hard to monetize also hard for affiliate links.
  • You will be not able to fulfill customer needs.

Do Deep Explore of Your Micro Niche.

  • Count of audience is enough or not.
  • Earning is possible from that niche or not.
  • Can you add the extra value to that niche?

If still confused which niche ideas are good for your blogging. Then here are the 80+ blog niche ideas for you.

  1. Health and Wellness.
  2. Personal Finance.
  3. Fishing.
  4. Weight Gain.
  5. Yoga.
  6. Personal Care.
  7. Video Editing Hardware.
  8. Paleo Diet.
  9. Oral Health.
  10. Anxiety.
  11. Getting Pregnant.
  12. Organic Makeup.
  13. Travel.
  14. Running.
  15. Physical Sports.
  16. Boating.
  17. Fishing.
  18. Pets.
  19. Education.
  20. Boat Buyer Guide.
  21. YouTube.
  22. Home Improvement.
  23. DIY Projects.
  24. Lens Finder.
  25. Self-Publishing.
  26. Muscle Pain.
  27. Air Hockey.
  28. Archery.
  29. Concealer Carry.
  30. Cooking tips.
  31. Makeup.
  32. Social media.
  33. Dog Sports Gear.
  34. Specific Deists.
  35. Airsoft world.
  36. Wall Decorating.
  37. Home Automation.
  38. Ecommerce.
  39. Parenting.
  40. Photography.
  41. WordPress.
  42. Dating.
  43. Motorcycles.
  44. Interior Design.
  45. SEO.
  46. Meditation.
  47. Indoor gardening.
  48. Hypertension.
  49. Lose love handles.
  50. Massage therapy.
  51. Freelancing.
  52. Poker.
  53. Figure skating.
  54. Excel tutorials.
  55. Drones.
  56. Penny Stocks.
  57. Public Specking.
  58. Investing.
  59. 3D Printing.
  60. Finishing a Basement.
  61. Sound Mixing.
  62. Garage Organization.
  63. Smart Watch.
  64. Live video editing.
  65. Soundproof your home.
  66. Drones.
  67. Dirt Bike.
  68. Hiking.
  69. Cheerleading.
  70. Tiny Homes.
  71. Career tips.
  72. Satire.
  73. E-Sport.
  74. Writing.
  75. Productivity.
  76. Wedding.
  77. Life after divorce.
  78. Eco friendly home.
  79. College planning.
  80. Rescue animals.
  81. Building mobile application.
  82. Strategy Game help.
  83. Baking for kids.
  84. Cross fit training.
  85. City Guides.

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