13+ Best Free Blogging Sites [Build Free Website].

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Best Free Blogging Sites.

Are you ready to know the best free blogging sites?

Best free blog sites which help to fulfill your dream. Through free blog platforms, you can create your personal blog sites or commercial blog sites.

Just like other new bloggers. Maybe you are thinking about where to blog or where to start a blog. What is actually best free blogging sites?

Best free blogging platforms help to build your brand and design. It’s not required coding skills or money to buy the software.

Free blog platforms make blogger life easy. As it makes blogger work easier than ever. Now you do not need to learn the coding skills for your blog.

You have decided to start your own blog.  You may have select the niche ideas and plan stretchered the make money from blogging.

But, again the question comes what is the best blogging platform for beginners. I have also asked this question when I was a beginner. Therefore I have this guide for your best recommendation for the free blog sites.

No matter what kind of niche site you want to build a business, personal, hobbies, or for family friends. Write a blog free is now possible through these best free blog writing sites.

Select the one from the below free blog site and start your blog right away.


Short intro: WordPress self-hosting is also known as wordpress.org. Top free blogging site because thousands of bloggers trusted and using the same.

I have started my first blog in wordpres.org only. It’s totally free and one of the awesome open-source platforms to build up the blog.

WordPress Org best Free blogging sites
WordPress Org best Free blogging sites

It has power full customization options along with useful analytics. It enhances your blogging experience no matter how big or a small blog you have.

When you are starting a blog as a beginner. We are always scared because we don’t want to mess up things.

Creating a wizard, customizing your blog, advancing editor, and choosing a simple theme go smoothly with the WordPress free blog sites.

Still, if might you have a stack somewhere, no worries. WordPress platforms have huge community forms to help.

For many years its keep growing and it keeps surprising with his best performances. 

Free WordPress blog page writing gives you the feeling like you are working very regularly on that.

Because it has a very powerful full dashboard or you can say administration area.

You will feel familiar with the WordPress post page because it looks like a desktop word processor.

In many phases, you might feel to change your text focus style or font of the size. You can do all these through HTML source.

WordPress’s free blog platform always updates its software which makes your blog secure and safe.

It also gives you lots of other options to view your performance and statics.

Such as it provides you the page view numbers, comment views, visitors count, count of an internal link (if you have added in your post), and much more.

I have found an amazing experience with the WordPress platform. And I am pretty sure you will too. Because it’s worth it.

Another benefit of the WordPress blog platform is, it also makes your work easy. When your site is ready for ads and earning.

Putting ad code of your choice and making profit get easier by wordpress.org.

Providing the best free WordPress themes, pre-design themes, templates, and best WordPress plugins. Make your niche blog more creative and appealing to the audience.


  • No Coding Required.
  • You can build an E-commerce store too.
  • Software Always get update.
  • Getting free themes.
  • Your Blog Static info (Visitors number, Page views, Comments, etc).


  • Customer service is little slow.

Key feature.

  1. Totally reliable from decades keeps blogs save and secure.
  2. Mobile Friendly websites.
  3. Provides free blogging themes and temples.
  4. Plugins by the WordPress which enhance your blog sites.
  5. SEO Plugins Support Which guide you to rank your page in google.
  6. Simple Dashboard with Clear Options and means.



Short intro: WordPress another free blogging site is the WordPress.com version. It’s free for a limited period along with a premium plan and business plan. Give you a great interface but not very satisfied when comes in monetizing part.

Overall it’s good for beginner bloggers. Bloggers who do not have any technical knowledge.

Use this platform for learning purposes to grow the knowledge. Want to make sites for hobby purposes or casual blogging purposes.

If you want to test yourself in blogging and thinking where to start or what are the best place to start a blog. Then use WordPress.com and enjoy blogging.

WordPress Best Free Blogging Sites.
WordPress Best Free Blogging Sites.

Later you can migrate your site painless from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. For more scalable, reliable, user friendly, and flexible.

So ideally, 10 out of 2 bloggers only use wordpress.com in the world. However, his premium plan and business plan are great and widely used blogging platforms.

WordPress.com provides the free blogging platform to those bloggers who cannot afford the blogging on a budget.


  • You can run your blog site totally free in WordPress.com.
  • WordPress.com gives you the free hosting.
  • You will get the software update and security free.
  • Free Custom Domain name (One Year).


  • Free WordPress account give you the web address include of wordpress.com.
  • Limitation of free themes and plugins.
  • WordPress little difficult as compare to Weebly and some others.
  • Using WordPress domain name not able to build your brand awareness.
  • No ecommerce option in this free blogging site.
  • It’s not perform well in monetization part.

Key feature:

  1. SEO Tool Support.
  2. Attached the Image and Video in easy eay.
  3. Mobile Responsive Blog.
  4. Analyzing you blog engaging and visitor behavior.
  5. New themes comes out in weekly basic.



Short intro: Blogger.com another name in a list of blog sites. Topmost preferred, solid, widely, secure, easy access, best free blogging sites.

You cannot miss this blog-making site if you are looking for a free blog to test the blogging industry. However, WordPress has its own value, and blogger its own.

Have a good selection of templates most of them are mobile version optimized. You can share high-responsive images in this platform.

Google purchased this free blogging site. You can make your personal blog sites, commercial blogging sites, personal blog sites, etc.

Blogger Best Free Blogging Sites.
Blogger Best Free Blogging Sites.

Perfect choice for free blogging, modern free blogging, hobby blogging. In my past days, I have used this platform.

There is one day when if any beginner asks how to create a blog for free. Then the answer always comes blogger.com free blogging site is one of the popular ways.

Numbers of successful popular personal blog sites have been start a blog in blogger only. It’s also popular because it is free blog sites for students.

So basically if you want to start a blog as a hobby or if you are a student and can’t afford a blogging budget. Then Blogger is the best free blogging site option for you.


  • Support by blogger user forum.
  • No Need of Hosting.
  • Choice between free domain or custom domain.
  • Easy to Monetize (AdSense).
  • No Technical Support or coding required.


  • Limited tolls for blogging.
  • Limited design and templates.
  • Google own your website.
  • Little slow in support.

Key feature.

  1. Clarity in blog analytics.
  2. AdSense approves the blogger.com blog sites too.
  3. Files Save with google (very secure).



Short intro: Wix.com free blog sites show up in market 2006. Bloggers love Wix blog templates all around the world.

Wix’s free blog also provides a paid subscription. However, free wix.com blogging is enough for personal blog purposes.

Wix.com also provides free storage which allows you to make a powerful blog. If you are thinking about how to create a blog on Wix.

Then don’t worry it gives you the website builder with drag and drop option. Manipulate text, schedule posts, apps, videos, images, and so on. Start a blog with a Wixsite blog is very easy.

Wix Best Free Blogging Platform.
Wix Best Free Blogging Platform.

Wix blogger not required website design skills or coding skills. Because Wix blog gives you free blogging site tools.

Create a blog with Wix is a great idea it also provides the Wix turbo facility. Which actually enhance the speed of your website.


  • Huge Number of Templates.
  • Great Blog Building tools.
  • 500MG Storage.
  • Good Customer Support.
  • Mobile Responsive.
  • Gives Visual Stunning look to website.
  • Mobile Editor.


  • Cnt Switch the templates once configure.
  • No Side Migration.
  • Wix comes with advertisement logos.
  • Not fulfill all management of e-commerce.

Key feature.

  1. Website Backup (Automatic).
  2. Seo Optimization.
  3. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) Editor.
  4. Design Master Website.



Short intro: Another great free blogging site option is Tumblr. A website like Tumblr hosts around 450 plus million blogs.

New bloggers always find and ask where can I post my blog for free. So with Tumblr, you can start a blog. Great free blog platform for a youngster.

Its have a decent mobile apps feature. Very easy to customize the tools and themes. Gives the social media linked feature, which grows your blog traffic.

You can build the business website or personal blog free here. On top on simple free blog sites.

Many pro bloggers called tumbler a microblogging platform. Because it basically focuses on the short content and multimedia.

Tumblr Best Free Blogging Sites.
Tumblr Best Free Blogging Sites.

You can design your post with photos, quips, mp3s, GIFs, smart jokes, deep stuff, videos, stories, fashion art, etc.

Very few best free blogging platforms provide this kind of free blog service. Most popular free blogging site with mix teats of Twitter, blogging, and Facebook.


  • Creative Blogging Platform.
  • Free Platform.
  • Social media attraction.
  • Gives Control Panel.
  • Good for Monetize.
  • Best for Short Content Blogger.
  • Track blog through google analytics.
  • Schedule your blog post.
  • Function to keep your blog public or private.


  • Your site comes under tumbler means you not own your site.

Key feature:

  1. Custom Domains.
  2. Gives Good password Protection.
  3. Great Mobile App.
  4. Store your content in Zip Format.



Short intro: Another name in a list of free blog creation sites is Weebly. It makes his place in top blogging sites because it helps full for the eCommerce website.

Weebly has the page builder and frag and drops feature. Apart from the free blog site, it does have a premium plan if you want to go.

If you want to start a blog in the eCommerce field or looking to sell a digital product. Then you can start your free content posting in Weebly.

Weebly Best Free Blogging Platforms.
Weebly Best Free Blogging Platforms.

Easy menu, click to edit, picture frame, customizable layouts, maps, social media, and more. 500MB storage for content and writing.

Weebly has lots of similarities to Wix.com. You can start your small business with Weebly free built-in hosting, best blogging services, fast loading website.


  • Free blog Service.
  • Easy to use drag and drop.
  • Powerful and beautiful themes.
  • Ecommerce Options.
  • 500MB Storage.
  • Easier then Wix.


  • Your website will comes under weebly branding.
  • Limited Customization.

Key feature

  1. Great drag and Drop Builder.
  2. Personalized Templates.
  3. SEO Tools.
  4. Social media sharing.
  5. Media Management.
  6. Do have Pro Plan and Business Plan.



Short intro: Joomla is one of the simple blog platforms in which you can create you’re best free blog pages.

Joomla gives flexible content management, numbers of templates, add extension features, and more.

It’s an open-source blogging platform. Here you will not get free hosting. You have to buy the best domain name and reliable hosting plan.

Joomla is quite famous in blog-making sites. You can build your free personal blog or public blog sites. But Joomla is not for a person who has zero technical skill.

Joomla required technical knowledge. If you don’t have technical skills you can work with a WordPress blogging platform.

Joomla Best Free Blogging Platform.
Joomla Best Free Blogging Platform.

With technical knowledge, you can utilize their advanced user system. Plus it provides tremendous multilingual support.

Joomla also gives the facility to add an extension, if you want to increase the capability of your Joomla website.

It’s not a totally free blog site it’s required self-hosting. But Joomla is great for large and complex websites.

So if you want to start a blog for money-making then you can choose the Joomla too.


  • Flexibility and Customization.
  • Good for the Monetization.


  • Buying of Hosting and domain.
  • Required Technical Knowledge.

Key feature.

  1. Hundreds of Templates.
  2. Advanced User System.
  3. Able to handle large website.



Short intro: The next top blogging site in best free blogging sites list is Medium. A fast-growing platform like a medium has a different face of service apart from blogging.

It’s more work as a community of writers meets or social media platform. Medium-free blog sites give you the platform to share your blog content.

Share your post in medium gives you great exposure as a new blogger. A medium can also give a boost to your website traffic. If you share the knowledgeable and worthy content in there.

Medium Best Free Blogging Platform.
Medium Best Free Blogging Platform.

The medium platform shows longer content as compared to Twitter and Facebook. Medium has free blog sites which allow you for multiple things.

Such as short stories, blog post ideas, share your opinion, audiences for your post, design your post. You can also call this blogging platform is like an upmarket magazine website.

As a new blogger if you can make the small stories in here. Later you will get appreciation and feedback through the audience and pro bloggers.

Which will gain your confidence for writing quality content. Maybe some of the readers will hire you for his writing work.


  • Not required huge setup.
  • No Domain Issue.
  • Secure Medium Servers.
  • Easy to publish.
  • Free Platform.
  • Easy Medium Website builder.


  • Not have your own blog branding here.

Key feature.

  1. Lots of Readers.
  2. Audio Articles.
  3. Monetization facility for your blog.
  4. Social media links.
  5. Enhanced Stats.
  6. Accessible in mobile app too.



Short intro: If you are looking for a WordPress alternative for make a blog.  OR want a better version of WordPress in a simpler format. Then you can choose the Ghost.org free blogging platform.

It gives cloud management technology comprehensive developer control.

Creating a blog in Ghost is similar to WordPress. In another word, both blogging platforms have lots of similarities.

Ghost Free Blogging Sites.
Ghost Free Blogging Sites.

Ghost free blog has simple look and easy to use interface. Make your own blog is easy in ghost, but it does not work well for eCommerce and production websites.

Ghost is not for those guys who want social network sharing and re-posting. It’s also not for those bloggers who won’t develop their own fully-fledged.

This free blog website gives you the chance to only focus on the writing experience and independent publication that’s all.

The ghost blogging platform is still working in his blogging free platform for more features and resources.

They are working hard on bloggers’ feedbacks and audiences’ feedback. Just writing the content which audience looking for and make money from it.


  • Very simple for beginners.
  • Great Content creation page.
  • Impressive Ghost dashboard.


  • Not providing plugins.
  • No free hosting plan.

Key feature:

  1. Able to editor content files.
  2. Stunning and elegant templates.
  3. Automatic Backup.
  4. Comprehensive feature like SEO.
  5. Content Scheduling feature.



Short intro: Become a free blog creator with Yola. Another free online blog sites which helps you to make money making blog.

Easy blog website builder and easy blog post creation. In my opinion, it’s not the best free blogging site to go with.

Yola Best Free Blogging Platform.
Yola Best Free Blogging Platform.

However, it does gives you the eCommerce space and beautiful templates. But eCommerce space not comes with the free plan.

After working in the free version if you can go to the premium version then Yola will be more beneficial for you.

Yola has site builder in six languages which make blogger happy. All six languages are French, Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish, and German.


  • 1GB Bandwidth (in free plan).
  • Subdomain.
  • Free platform.
  • 1GB Storage (in free plan).


  • Your website will come under Yola branding.
  • Only three page in free plan.

Key features:

  1. Search Engine Friendly.
  2. Tons of Social sharing option.
  3. Google Map Integration.
  4. Paid Plan have Unlimited bandwidth.



Short intro: Most popular blog sites with free mobile apps. Penzu comes under famous blog sites. Because it gives you the freedom to write blogging/IM/personal or life.

It’s a totally privately online blog. In other words, you can say it’s like a locked diary kind of safe.

Penzu Platform.
Penzu Platform.

If you want to blog something for yourself or want to write some personal thoughts. And want to keep it private them Penzu in best.

Penzu provides free apps for IOS and Andriod that enable to check your dairy anywhere.

You can upgrade your Penzu.com version in paid if you want to. Its gives the option of upload unlimited images to a user with ultimate storage space.


  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Auto Saving Feature.
  • Almost support all device (IPad/iPhone/Tablet).
  • Good Privacy of data.
  • Military Grade 256bit AEs Encryption.


  • Free plan have limited journals. However paid version have great feature.

Key feature:

  1. Easy Navigation.
  2. Auto Logout Facility.
  3. Awesome Text formatting.
  4. Mobile Apps Access.



Short intro: If you want to create a blog of one page. Maybe sells page one page blog or subscription one-page blog. You can quickly do that through Strikingly.

It takes a very minimum time to set you up because it’s one-page work. Pick your suitable templates and start texting the massage you want to show and that all.

Strikingly provides 5 GB monthly bandwidth and unlimited free sites. Its have social media tools for your promotion purpose.

Strikingly Platform.
Strikingly Platform.

Search bar, comment section, and analytics too. However, your domain name will be ending with strickingly.com only.

Remember this free blogging platform is only for those bloggers who want to create a one-page blog.

Might be in future you would like multiple pages then this platform will cnt help you with those


  • Free Platform.
  • Easy to use.


  • One page sites.

Key feature.

  1. Unlimited sites.
  2. 5 GB Monthly bandwidth.
  3. Social Media Tools.
  4. Analytics.



Short intro: With squaresapace.com blogging platform questions like how to develop a blog website get easy.

Amazing free blogging site which gives you everything to build a tremendous website.

No matter you have the experience to build a website or not Squarespace cnt let you make a bad-looking website.

Squarespace has also started its journey like Wix. First, come with software and later provide a platform for start a blog.

But Squarespace only provides 14 days of a free trial. If you like the platform you can stick with that.


It is the most effective blogging platform for marketing tools, Seo capabilities, and other significant benefits which are rarely provided by the other best free blogging platforms.

It’s also the provider’s platform for online retail stores, bloggers, photographers, and musicians.

This site provides you the quality templates with a quick look layout. You can customize your blog design.


  • Pre Build Website Templates.
  • CDN for Images.
  • Drag & Drop website builder.
  • Good Customer support.
  • Free access of Google Fonts.
  • Great UIX.


Customization in little hard. However, you can take the help of squaresapace customer support.

Key feature.

  1. Style Editor.
  2. Designed Templates.
  3. Build in Mobile websites.
  4. Marketing tools.
  5. Free Type kit Fonts.
  6. Beautiful Eyes Catching Templates.



Short intro: Edublogs blogging platforms for those who thinking where can I blog for educational purposes.

If you have an interest in teaching or maybe you are a professor or college student. Then you can choose Edublogs.com for your blog in the list of free sites.

Edublogs Platform.
Edublogs Platform.

This comes under best blogs platforms if you talk in the education industry.


  • Provides tons of Great Feature.
  • Free Themes.
  • Plugins for education blogs.
  • Social Share Options.
  • Fonts and tables options.


  • Google search engine did not crawl this blogging sites only you can gain the traffic through social media and all.
  • So if you have large base of follower in social media then definitely you can drive lots of traffic in your education site.

Key feature:

  1. 250 Plus Premium themes in free plan.
  2. Ad Free.
  3. Secure Platform Strong password.
  4. Podcast and Files Upload Options.
  5. Customize your Site.



Short intro: Another best free blogging sites which uses the external note organizing program. This blogging platform is intruded by Evernote.

You can design your blog according to yourself. If you are a learner you can learn to blog. This site is also best for new blogging for all bloggers.

Postach.io Platform.
Postach.io Platform.

In Postach.io if you want a custom domain then you have to buy the paid package.


  • Good Content Management.
  • Creating blog is easy with Postach.io.
  • Unlimited Storage (It’s also depend on Evernote Level it could be limited to 60MB).


  • Limited Customization.
  • Limited theme options.

Key feature

  1. Gives Site Editor.
  2. Option of Custom domains.
  3. Option of Add Images.
  4. Great Visual Content.
  5. Have Paid Plan with four options.



Short intro: If you are a developer then for sure you have heard about the SilverStripe free blogging platform.

SilverStripe is an open-source content management system. Which has powerful storage security along with a great feature.

Gives you awesome options like web-based administration panel. Through which you can do the site modifications.

SliverStripe Platform.
SliverStripe Platform.

Drag and drop option with WYSIWYG website editor. Easy navigation structure with rich text editing.

WordPress examples


  • Best blogging option for Developers.
  • Web Based Administration.
  • Quick Embedding of Videos.
  • Great Navigation Structure.


  • Not for all types of bloggers.

Key feature:

  1. Website Editor (WYSIWYG).
  2. Drag and Drop Options.
  3. Content Management System.

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