13 Beginner Blogging Mistakes [Must Avoid].

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Beginner Blogging Mistakes.

We all do common blogging mistakes when we are creating our first website or second one.

You will be known soon what beginner blogging mistakes for beginners. And if you are doing blogging for a while then, you must know some of them what I am talking about.

Earning from blog is not easy as it sounds. Blog writing, Traffic gaining, linking strategies, content marketing, right SEO, and many other things matter a lot.

Today down below you will get the major point regarding mistakes bloggers make. If you have a blog which already getting the average kind of traffic and earning.

But still, there is more scope being there to improve your website performance.

Remember mistakes always happen and better strategies are always available in blogging.

So, make a better blog to avoid the mistakes bloggers make. How, that you will get details down below.

After reading each bogging mistakes points. Just cross-check whether you are doing the same or not if you have already a website.

If you are just start a blog, then focus do not do all these mistakes in your blog career.

Blogging Mistakes.

light blue bag round with text words beginner blogging mistakes
beginner blogging mistakes

1. Choosing the Wrong Niche.

Many bloggers quit blogging at an early time just because of these beginner blogging mistakes. One of the tops is choosing the wrong niche idea.

First, start a blog about something in which you don’t have any interest or knowledge.

Like, you have an interest in a fashion blog but you have started a travel blog because you saw popular blog sites in the same niche idea.

But why people do that because they saw other blogger websites make huge money on that niche.

So usually, bloggers assume that let’s make a blog in the same niche and it will be going to give the same result which goes in failure.

Make a blog in which you have passion. Writing a blog in which you have not passionate can bore yourself after serval time.

And if you feel bored about your blog writing only. Then how readers going to love that stuff. Another major part is that you will be run out the blog post ideas very quickly.

This means, don’t run behind best blogs or best websites for earning.

You cannot come up with creative ideas for your blog. This all reason causes you the lack of interest in your blog and you cannot because of a successful blogger.

Second, start a blog in niche in which you don’t have any knowledge or experience. It means having interest but not have knowledge.

When we think about writing blog posts or make a website, we come up with lots of ideas.

People also come up with the idea in which they have interest but not have much knowledge about.

So, they thought they will gather the information after creating a blog. But it not happens in reality.

After creating a website, you feel lazy to research those topics and your blog gets failed.

So ideally, niche selection is a very important part of a blogging career.

2. Wrong Keyword Research.

If you are publishing the blog post with the wrong keyword research. Then you will be struggling a lot with the search traffic.

Publish post without keyword research going to lost in google like water drop lose in the ocean.

Through keyword research, you will able to find the more relevant words. And keyword that drives more traffic to your blog.

While doing keyword research for good keywords make sure you use the Alphabetic Soup Idea.

Take an example, your blog niche is about food recipes. And you want keyword which actually readers are searching.

Then visit in google search engine. In the searching box type “How to make Keto” down below you can see the multiple keyword suggestion by google only.

keyword search ideas by google
Keyword Research Idea.

You can use these keywords as a relevant keyword or, you can also use them for new blog post ideas.

Apart from that, you can use few popular keywords tools as well to make your work easy.

Such as:

  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • SEMrush.
  • KW Finder.
  • Ahref.
  • Ubersuggest.

3. Not think about Monetization.

We all do this blogging mistakes in our beginning part. We heard the part which says make money as a blogger, for sure sounds amazing.

Now what most bloggers do they start finding niche ideas in which they want to write. Along with other creativity like blogging design, where to write, blog ideas, and so on.

These things are important to the success of your blog. But one main part you are forgetting which matter lot Right Monetization Strategy.

If you don’t know how to monetize your traffic source then how you will be going to make money from your blog.

I guess now you can understand a bit at least that how you can build a money making blog and why monetization planning is important for your blog.

So before start blogging think about what monetization plan suites to your site.

And if you are already running the blogging then find the relevant affiliate programs for your blog.

Else you can do use other monetization strategies such as.

  • Offer Ebooks.
  • Offer Affiliate Products.
  • Offer Online Consultancy.
  • Sell Software related your to blog niche.
  • Sell your own products or services.
  • Open for Guest Posting.

4. Free Blogging Sites.

Most of newbie blogger, always search online where to create a blog. And they always land on the free blogs platform.

Free blogging sites will not help much to make money from blogs. For learning purposes, you can use the free bog platform.

But if you want to make serious money from your blog. Then you must buy the domain and web hosting for your blog.

Now the question comes why a free blog is not good for creating a blog.

One of the most popular and knowing reasons is, that free blog can be taken down at any time. Platform owner have the authority to delete your contents and shut down your site any time they want.

Another site self-hosting gives you full control of your site and content safety.

Customization free blogging is hard as compare to paid blogging platforms.

Free blogs don’t open up in this mostly but they provide very limited space and bandwidth.

You can create your blogger account on WordPress.com. It is a great platform that provides awesome features along with a few free themes and plugins.

These small beginner blogging mistakes impact huge in your blog.

5. Not Writing Regularly.

Next in the list of beginner blogging mistakes is that. Blogging is a writing business or you can say it is a content business.

And if you are new to blogging then after create a blog you should need to understand how to write a blog.

If you are already writing a blog then you know what I am talking about.

Many pro blogger websites rank quickly in google because readers keep visiting those sites for new blog post.

And why readers keep visiting because they like your writing skill along with content ideas.

If you are writing blog for money purposes then you can’t be a successful blogger. Remember writing blog is something that you should enjoy in your day-to-day life.

Not writing regularly or not publishing blog post consistently make readers confused.

When people like your blog they usually visited often to your blog for more good content.

And if you will not post the content regularly then you surely going to lose the earned traffic.

Take an example, if you have written 2 posts in the week then next week you can’t just leave your site without any new posts.

Develop blog writing as your consistent habits. Always find a new blog writing topic or new blog post.

Try to gather the best writing tips which make you energetic in writing more.

6. More focusing on Building backlinks.

Make money as a blogger is not that easy and to make that process easy many bloggers do a process called Building Backlinks.

Which helps your site to rank in Google SERPs in an effective way. It is true that backlinking is work well for site ranking in google search engine.

But I would suggest always go with natural backlinking. And don’t try to buy backlinks for your site at least at the starting of 6 to 8 months of blogging.

Making unnatural backlinks in starting can harm your blog’s future growth. Making aggressive backlinking can maybe show you the great traffic coming for few months.

But this kind of backlinking will not be going to help you for the long run. Remember google is smart to figure out too many things.

So, you can’t survive more with wrong backlinking.

In my opinion, in starting 6 to 8 months you only focus on good quality content and best writing tips ahead.

Later after 100 or 150 blog posts, you think about building natural backlinking.

So now you got it why aggressive building backlinks is the most common blogging mistakes bloggers do. 

7. Increasing Word Counts with Worthless Words.

Another beginner blogging mistakes in previous years making money from a blog is a bit easy, writing blog only in 500 to 1000 is more than enough for the reader and google too.

But time has been changed a lot now the reader wants more depth information about topics.

A reader not going to stick with your blog post if you provide unreverent stuff and worthless stuff.

In today’s date blog post with 1500 to 3000 words ranks well on google.

So many bloggers start adding worthless words in their blog posts to rank higher which is huge mistake bloggers make.

By doing this you will only lose the traffic of your blog. In my opinion, create a blog post not required any fixed number of word count, its only required reverent and quality content with the point-to-point answer.

So, if you are writing and stuck somewhere what to write. This means you have not done the keyword research and topic research properly.

Research about the topic which you are going to cover today. Having strong points in mind will automatically stop ideas of add worthless words.

And reader also like to read the fresh content.

Moreover, avoid doing this blogging mistake and start writing blog post without any worthless story.

8. Right Blogging Format.

Not organizing blogging format is another common blogging mistakes. What you think why many people come to your blog takes look and leaving instantly.

It happens because you have not formatted your blog post content.

Every aspect of blogging is playing a big role, best blogs required the right content optimization and content editing.

No matter how much time you have given for writing blog post. You have to provide your blog post another looks before publishing for editing and content optimizing purposes.

Take an example.

  • Make Good Headline Which Work Like Magnate to the reader.
  • Use Grammarly for your Spieling and Grammar checking.
  • Use Transition Words in blog post.
  • Customize Your Permalinks for better preformation in search engine.

9. Not Making Proper Blog Navigation.

When we say it is a good blog or a good blog page. It comes to our mind because of many reasons. Few which we already know like a quality blog post and blog post ideas.

One more aspect in rest is blog also called good blog by audience when they find the easy and right menu navigation.

Newbie bloggers do mistakes in this and even experienced bloggers do. Right menu navigation provides readers instant information for which they come to your site.

I don’t want you to waste your time designing a beautiful blog. Thinking about which color going to be a suit and other things.

But I ready saw many bloggers’ mistakes showing their menu bar of category. Readers are going to leave your side in 30 seconds if they don’t find the blog menu.

Don’t make your landing page difficult keep it simple. Theme selection also plays a big role here, if you will not select the right theme for your blog then it can be a huge mistake.

So in my opinion always go with a simple and user-friendly best theme for WordPress.

Easy navigation makes your site bounce rate low and it makes your blog more user-friendliness.

Don’t hide your blog menu behind styles landing pages and ads. Keep it right head of the top inboard and clear.

10. Pick Simple to Remember Domain Name.

Selecting the right domain name looks small think but bloggers often did a mistake in this. Choosing a domain that could be difficult to remember for the reader.

Means always choose the domain name that would be easy to remember and easy to type.

If you choose the difficult to type domain name then also chances are available that you will lose lots of traffic.

Therefore, its better if you select the domain name which is also easy to write and pronounce.

Avoid copying other bloggers blog names because it will not be going to help you to build your own band. And people always get confused with your blog and blog brand.

Use your creative mind to come up with a cool and easy domain name. If still, you are not getting a blog name, then use the domain name generator for the same.

We have multiple online name generator tools are available that will make your work easy. Such as Name Generator and Domain Wheel.

11. Not Research about the topics.

Create a blog site and post content is not enough. If you want to make money from a blog then you have to earn the reader’s trust.

No matter how knowledgeable and clever you are in your niche still you need research about your post topic.

Because every area gets updated from time to time. New research happens, people update their experiments, new ideas always come. Avoid mistakes in your blog post information.

Its breaks reader trust and your domain page authority too. Google-like right and updated details therefore google algorithms always get change.

Every year thinks getting change and, no buddy like old story post. Hence, before start writing about your post topic give yourself one to two hours for research about the topic.

12. Not Investing Money in your Website.

Creating free blogging sites is fine for learning purposes, as I have mentioned above as well.

But when it comes to online earning or make money blogging then it surely requires little investment for tools and web hosting.

Such as, free WordPress theme, free web hosting, free email templates, free SEO tools.

It’s nothing bad to use fee tools like mention above, but for sure free tools are low-worthy front of paid tools.

Plus, free tools do not provide the required support and update version of tools. Not getting the support makes your blog slow and failed too many times.

Web hosting is the most important part of your blog site it should be strong and secure.

Right web hosting is one of the blogging successes, your blog speed and performance depend on the same.

13. Not Using Social Media.

Not every blog site required social media marketing. But there are few niche ideas available that can gain a huge audience by social media.

Such as fashion blog, travel blog, Cosmetic blog, a food blog, Jewelry blog. If you are working on this kind of blog niche then social media can work wonders for you.

Special social media helps a lot when you have just started your blog and no buddy no about it.

Writing daily post but not getting traffic make us demotivate especially in starting phase.

Social media have poetical to drive massive traffic to your blog if you do it properly.

So definitely when you start a blog, you can use social media to stay motivated and have some traffic. Which is better rather than no traffic.

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